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While they didn’t turn out exactly as expected, these big, fat fondant potatoes are meltingly creamy on the inside, deeply …

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  1. @AskMeWhen
    @AskMeWhen says:

    While I do appreciate all the work you put into your videos, I do not appreciate how they make me hungry. And to top it all off you won’t come to my house and cook this for me.

  2. @paulamsden8420
    @paulamsden8420 says:

    For mere mortals (which Chef John is most certainly not), it’s safer for the rest of us to make that first cut of the potato and then lay that side down for stability, then make the rest of the cuts.

  3. @satevo462
    @satevo462 says:

    God I miss my gas stove. Got that BS glass stove top in my new place and I HATE IT. But also, proper ventilation is essential for a gas stove. A little stove top fan doesn't cut it.


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