Big Aldi Food Shop – Prepping for a Holiday

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Come along for technically two Aldi food shops. I did some stocking up of cupboard essentials for us, and a big shop for my mum …

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  1. sophia murry
    sophia murry says:

    I think you may have to go shopping again as Freya has had quite a few items 😂 You were unreasonable eating fudge and not letting Freya have weetabix with milk in the car 😂 The demands that come from a car seat passenger when driving are hilarious. Enjoy your time with your mum. Love the prices on the screen can keep an eye out on what’s gone up or down ❤

  2. Anni M
    Anni M says:

    Great haul Claire. Helpful to see the prices on screen too. Bananas and custard, absolutely yes!! We used to have them lots in our childhood, sliced bananas with hot custard and a Cadbury's flake sprinkled on top which melted into the custard. Yummy! Still have them now occasionally. xx


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