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  1. JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs says:

    I never heard of Lego Land before – but when I was a kid in the 70s, we were very poor – we could not afford legos, though they were not expensive by any means. I imagine as time went on, they fell prey to the evils of consumerism and were jacked up price-wise. They look different too then then average and fun legos from my childhood. I think I prefer the basic ones of the past. As for food, I can't have imagined that they have food there! But I am not surprised it sucked. heheeeh WTH $45 for that plate? Did I hear wrong? No heck no!

  2. Madison Mings
    Madison Mings says:

    OMG!!! When I was in Las Vegas in September I stayed at Luxor and ate at the Pharaoh Buffet!!! IT IS SO GOOD OMG!!! Food was so delish and they had so many options it was so good and filling! I had an event that day too if I had nothing going on I would have had multiple plates haha!!! You NEED to try it next time your there!!!! Everything tasted amazing that I had!!!

  3. Jerry Papandrea
    Jerry Papandrea says:

    Pretty cool, Mikey! I gotta get down to Legoland. I grew up 20 minutes from there in Middletown (my dad owned the Italian deli on Dolson Ave), so I'm familiar with the area. My son would absolutely love that place.

  4. onetaejinus95
    onetaejinus95 says:

    Suprisingly legoland food is actually good last time i went and tried lobster roll (dont ask why) along with their fries thing it’s actually pretty good must say i think its better then most disneyland california food including pricewise in my opinion


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