Best MREs: Meals Refusing to Exit?

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  1. HappyQuails
    HappyQuails says:

    My predecessor was one of a Lincoln’s Generals and among other things, he established the first standardized recipe adopted by the military for Beef Stew during The Civil War. There is a video about it called General Casey’s Beef Stew

  2. equarg
    equarg says:

    I was a strange child.
    Found my dads 20 year old MRE stash and ended up eating it all.
    I survived just fine thank you😅.

  3. Dominus Limo
    Dominus Limo says:

    When I was in the second and third grade my friend Jacob, his dad served in Iraq, and when he came home from deployment, he brought with him a bunch of chili Mac MRE’s. Jacob would always bring a few of these for our small group of friends. Let’s just say no one could ever top our lunches.

  4. Jake MaCracken
    Jake MaCracken says:

    Im in the Army currently and we still have the buffalo chicken MRE. (Probably just because we eat MREs from 2011). Im not crazy about the entre though. The snacks are great though. Peanut m&ms and Such.


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