Best EGYPTIAN Food Tour in DUBAI I Doctor Tea + Lamb Chops + Kushari + Feteer-Cream Cheese & Chicken

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Being the melting pot of cultures across the world, Dubai is home to a wide variety of cuisines. And one of the prominent cuisines …

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  1. Abhik Roy
    Abhik Roy says:

    Dear Viewers, a small request, please don't flatter any body by using the words like 'Sir, ji, Thanks,Amazing, Superb, Too good ' etc. Anubhav is a professional and he is trying to perform his job in the best possible way.Viewers are just like critics. Your duty is to find out his drawback, if any, so that he can improve his presentation in the next episod. At the same time, you can also help him by giving your valuable suggestions. Flattering only spoils some body and does not help. Every day he is eating good food free of cost and also earning good amount money and I don't understand why one should feel proud of it.

  2. Twinkle Singh
    Twinkle Singh says:

    The only YouTuber who is so passionate and dedicated towards his work!! Love your simplicity and humbleness ✨ great work man!! No show off or fake thumbnail!! Just pure relevant content!! I have tried paneer bhurji from your Amritsar tour and now it’s our all time favorite dish!!

  3. rashmi dattani
    rashmi dattani says:

    Mastering the art of food preparation of any one speciality, is wht definitely takes those many years of expert practice… n not just the food, the crockery used for serving also, had the 'egyptian' feel..
    The conversation with Sachin ji, was informative though casual…

    Ya, the so v popular robes worn in the 'Arab'… !

  4. Yakub Mohammed
    Yakub Mohammed says:

    Finally Anubhavji went abroad. Sometimes back I suggested him to go to Bangkok and explore. I have skipped many videos of past but now I will watch your Dubai series. Hope you cover Dubai city as well as its food.

  5. Prabhakar Das
    Prabhakar Das says:

    Hi Mr Abhinav, request you please don't re label the food based on your experience. Briyani Tea in Malabar is definitely different then what is in Dubai but it will unfair to say 'why we call it Biryani Tea'. Also some may follow your comments and in future don't have that food. I am just giving my view and nothing against anyone.

  6. Probal Sen
    Probal Sen says:

    Thanks for introducing and show casing some authentic Egyptian food to us.. some of the items have much similarity with Indian foods like masala chai… mughlai parathas.. alike. .. honestly it is a small world. . a much loved episode. …..


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