Best Chicken Tacos on the Griddle

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These are the best chicken tacos on the griddle, and probably the best chicken tacos I’ve ever had to be honest! If you’re looking …

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  1. Jay Booth
    Jay Booth says:

    Wow, that was an amazing chicken taco! Loved the “recipe.” Great marinade too. I’d of eaten half the chicken before getting the tacos done. Insanely delicious looking Neal! Cheers brother!

  2. John McCaffery
    John McCaffery says:

    That is so simple and looks great! I’m wondering if zesting some of those limes in the marinade would kick it up a notch. I like that you’re putting the recipes up but why don’t you put them on your webpage and add to the collection? Oh, while you’re over there put up a new u photo, LOL

  3. slngblde
    slngblde says:

    I do the same thing with chipotles in adobo.
    One of my favorite things to do is burgers with that mixed in then some queso in the middle.
    It makes a spicy burger but really good.

  4. Brian Manke
    Brian Manke says:

    Gees that looked so incredibly delicious. I'm kicking my own ass for not watching this sooner. I could definitely had scored some big points on this Mother's day lunch with my wife today! Once again you have wowed me! This is my next cook! Thumbs up brother 👍!

  5. ALAN S
    ALAN S says:

    "tu-kee-la-eee" it's a technical term 😀 That looks great, but maybe you audience has something with wanting the recipes: "The Flat Top King Cookbook Volume 1". I can honestly say you have one of the better flat top shows, in my humble opinion.

  6. Ryan A
    Ryan A says:

    I now have a new term to use when cooking or making drinks… lime carcass! This one made me laugh out loud. Amazing job on the chicken tacos. Happy Mother's Day to your wife and thanks for sharing that amazing recipe FTK family.

  7. TheSkitd
    TheSkitd says:

    Dude, this was off the hook! I LMAO twice. First when you added the tequila to the marinade and second when you ate half the first taco and presumably gave your wife a bite of the rest of it and when you pulled your hand back it was empty. I take a can of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo and run them through the food processor. I put the puree in a refrigerated food storage container and when i need some for salsa or anything else it's very handy. It hasn't gone bad for me and keeps for a long time. You put out a ton of content and should seriously consider putting a Patreon link in your description.

  8. Frank Marullo
    Frank Marullo says:

    Good video Neil,, happy mother's day Amy,,,,, make Neil take you out for a great dinner ! Mabye take you out in a rented limo ! LOL. THANK YOU FRANK FROM MONTANA….

  9. Luke the Drifters Ghost
    Luke the Drifters Ghost says:

    FTK, Mrs FTK,
    Stumbled across you channel looking at new flattops. I have a very old 4 burner blackstone that I use several times a week. Really enjoy your thoughtful recipes and product reviews.
    Peace Luke T


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