BEST CAMPING BREAKFAST EVER!!! Out of My Minivan #Vanlife

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BEST CAMPING BREAKFAST EVER!!! Out of My Minivan #Vanlife Check out the 24 Hour Playlist: Subscribe to KBDProductionsTV: …

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  1. Chad Papaleo
    Chad Papaleo says:

    Hey Ken! I really like these camping videos, please keep doing them! Also all the people with negative comments are just jealous of you! They all want to bash on you but have nothing they actually made to compare🙄🤔🙄🤔… Keep the fun adventures coming!

  2. Top 6 Sunsets
    Top 6 Sunsets says:

    I know I'm gonna get blocked for this. But Ken you are NOT Mav or Steve Wallis. You won't ever be them. Stop trying to copy then and get back to your roots before all subs go somewhere else


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