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We’re back in the woods and the kitchen today – Ben is getting the forest “whipped” into shape while Meg gets her baking on.

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  1. DaniKins
    DaniKins says:

    I do a lot of cooking with eggplant. You can make eggplant parmesan, eggplant lasagna where you use the eggplant in place of the lasagna noodles or make thai curry dishes with eggplant.

  2. Ta Ga
    Ta Ga says:

    You could have put that eggplant mash/caviar on top of the pulled pork sandwich to make the sandwich juicier
    Protein and veggie sandwich

    You can make it into a burrito dump cheese on it and a veggie delight
    And for the hot sauce for who desires the burn

    Eggs with a side of that caviar for breakfast

    You can make also eggplant Parmesan
    Or Lasagna

    Chunks in a mixed vegetables roast
    Plenty of recipes

  3. Tammy R
    Tammy R says:

    Wow you got a lot cleared! Awesome! All the bread and rolls you made! I wish I had your guy’s energy! Everything looked delicious! Eggplant Parmesan is really good and not too hard to make. Tempura battered , deep fried eggplant is good. Also we made a zucchini casserole and added eggplant which you could easily add ground beef to with cheese. It’s absolutely delicious!

  4. Tommie Lou Rogers
    Tommie Lou Rogers says:

    There is a Greek/Turkish eggplant dish called Iman Bialdi. Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet wrote it down in one of his cook books. It was either the Three Ancient Cultures or it was The Frugal Gourmet Cooks With Wine. I can’t remember which book and I can’t get to where those cookbooks are in order to look it up. But I bet if you did an Internet search you could find the recipe. It is so delicious is absolutely out of this world. It’s well worth the effort and the large amount of olive oil it takes.

  5. Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips says:

    I have never really liked egg plant either but I ate an egg plant and sauce dish that I absolutely loved and found out from the Italian woman that made it said what she did was sweat the slices first with salt wich after pulling the moisture out first kept them from getting soggy when cooked

  6. Teresa Rydberg
    Teresa Rydberg says:

    Thank you for this video, the piggy was so cute and I couldn't help but laugh when the cow kept nudging the camera and pushed it over. I needed that laugh so thank you for keeping it in the posted video 🙂

  7. J Freeman
    J Freeman says:

    Just wondering, with the pigs learning to eat all the green stuff first, how, would it work if you knocked down all the vines and small trees put your paddock fence around it and let the pigs work on that while you work on the next section. You could then fallow behind the pigs with the chipper and get even more savings on feed. Just a thought. Love fallowing your videos.

  8. Family Upgrade
    Family Upgrade says:

    Oh, giiiirrrrl, you have to check out Baba Ganosh. It's a eggplant-dip/sauce and it is bloody AMAZING. That is all we do with our eggplants. For dipping, to meat, chicken and anything crispy or tasty. Just try it! Really easy too. /Catta from Sweden

  9. Tzippy323
    Tzippy323 says:

    I make a delicious eggplant dip that is great for snacks or dipping veggies in, or on crackers. Wrap eggplant in foil and bake at 450 until very doft. Let cool, then peel. Place eggplant meat in a food processor with a red onion, green pepper, lime juice, and mayo. Process until smooth. Keeps well in fridge.

  10. Wendy Ernst
    Wendy Ernst says:

    We grow the japanese type here in Hawaii. It lasts a couple of growing seasons because of the weather. Since it is always around we put it chopped up into soups and stews and we dehydrate it too. It is an excellent add vegetable to brown rice. Stay well! Your hard work and optimism inspires me.


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