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  1. Elworth Lusk
    Elworth Lusk says:

    Beef stew in my favorite thing to eat whenever it get cold outside my mom she would always make beef stew whenever it gets cold outside and she would add some saltine crackers to go with them I miss my mom so much I wish you was here with me you guys did an awesome and blessed job on the beef stew I like it!

  2. Hydroponics Universe
    Hydroponics Universe says:

    It blows my mind that you guys are using Yukon Gold potatoes when I can't even find them in my own country half the time. Considering they were designed in Guelph University in Ontario Canada. Definitely the best potatoes. Especially for French fries.

  3. Charlotte Ebel
    Charlotte Ebel says:

    Well l would not want a microwave pressure cooker
    if you have too fish around inside too find latch I like too put a little onion soup mix in stew nice flavour and thicken it up when cooked


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