Basic Vanilla Cake Recipe | Tea Time Cake | #shorts

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Basic Vanilla Cake Recipe | Tea Time Cake | #shorts Ingredients All Purpose Flour 1/2 cup Eggs yolk 2 (Room Temperature) …

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  1. ArtXDDD
    ArtXDDD says:

    I was looking in the comments but I couldn’t find it so:
    Two egg yolks
    Sugar 1/4 cup
    Oil 2 tbsp
    Milk 2 tbsp
    Vanilla essence 1/4 tspn

    Egg whites 2
    Sugar 1/4 cup

    Flour 1/2 cup
    Baking powder 1tspn
    Bake: 170 c 30 min in preheated oven

    MISS KATE says:

    This is littt 🔥its literally the best cake I have ever made till now… I love itt and so does my family… It's just so soft and spongy I instantly fell in loveeeee with this sof spongy and easy recipe, no doubt i am definitely gonna make it again, just love ittt❤❤


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