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When I’m back home in Trinbago, Barry’s Sandwiches is one of those spots I frequently visit on a Friday & Saturday morning. This is a throwback video from my …
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  1. Timmie Siew
    Timmie Siew says:

    For the ppl questioning if it's OK to buy veggie from anywhere when fasting….if in doubt do without….cross contamination can happen…
    To the ones commenting about the color of the oil…fools….it's bc of the seasoning and marinade used….
    I've eaten doubles and sandwiches from Barry and the quality is among the best…for those who haven't had doubles from him….Debe doubles is low class low quality and delivered with horrible customer service…there are a very few places I eat doubles and Barry/Joe's doubles I'll close my eyes n eat…
    The one comment I saw about pepper, it's basically the same as anyway else you buy food or even the amt you use at home when you cook….
    You decide on how much you want….

  2. Sharina Singh
    Sharina Singh says:

    Looks good but I am curious about how often do they change the OIL they use for frying. If you know by chance. Blessings.
    Barry’s sandwich looks amazing but it’s not for me seems as if it has too much pepper sauce I don’t eat any hot sauce I suffer with ulcers and it’s messy but I hope you guys enjoyed the food it looks clean and fresh.

  3. Sudesh Reemaul
    Sudesh Reemaul says:

    this looks lovely butt if and when i'm fasting i can't take the chance to buy anything. why serve meat and then serve veges ? i mean at some point in time the utensils bound to touch causing cross contamination.


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