Bangin' Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie w/ Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe

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  1. Justin Andrus
    Justin Andrus says:

    I love the enthusiasm of your video but it would help if you actually added the measurements of the ingredients you’re using. I was looking for a recipe for a gluten-free pumpkin pie, though your video was entertaining you don’t have any measurements on your ingredients so I will be moving on

  2. SanctifiedbyTruth
    SanctifiedbyTruth says:

    Love you enthusiasm and how fast you talk thru your video! You’re not long and drawn out and I love the extra of brushing the butter and sugar on the crust before pouring in the pie filling! I’m definitely trying this!

  3. Mimi Mimi
    Mimi Mimi says:

    Made this over the weekend and the fam LOVED It!!!! (My mom said it was better than Costco’s) this was soooo good, thank you so much for sharing!!!!🥰

  4. Barbara A
    Barbara A says:

    I made it and have a few suggestions to tweak it. I would suggest rolling the dough to make it thinner. I replaced evaporated milk with almond milk, trying to make it dairy free. Also, used avocado butter instead of real butter. I also used coconut sugar vs regular sugar. It came out delicious just wish I had rolled dough as it came out a bit thick.

  5. Time4Chai
    Time4Chai says:

    Made this and it turned out delicious! Def will blind-bake the crust next time though just so it bakes all the way through and hopefully turns out more flakey next time. Tastes great though!
    P.S. I loved your commentary 😊 Makes me feel like I’m back in my hometown lol

  6. angela llave
    angela llave says:

    i can’t have dairy . Can I use more of the almond milk instead of the half and half ? Will it taste the same ? Also if I replaced the butter with vegan butter will it change any of the taste . I’m sorry for so many questions I have a sensitive stomach and can’t have dairy ☹️☹️☹️

  7. Burnt Chicken Nugget :p
    Burnt Chicken Nugget :p says:

    My mother in law in allergic to gluten and also diabetic. I’ve been searching YouTube for gluten free crust and none of them look remotely appetizing.. but this one looks amazing!!! I already have a great sugar free pumpkin filling recipe I plan on making but I’ve been struggling to find an appetizing looking crust! Thank you so much for sharing I sincerely appreciate this because your crust looks sooo yummy! Thank you! 😊🤗❤️

  8. Janice Smith
    Janice Smith says:

    I definitely want to try this pie! Can you make the crust and form in pie dish and wrap and refrigerate a day ahead before you make the pie the next day? Or would it be best to just wrap the dough and refrigerate? Or would that work at all?


    This year I will host my very first thanksgiving dinner and I'm soooo glad I found your videos! All the nerves went away because you have such a variety of recipes for thanksgiving food! Thank you!!!!! I love, love, love your channel!

  10. G Szavics
    G Szavics says:

    I love your video!!! Eating gluten sends me to the bathroom 🚽 for hours and it hurts! And thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever and your recipe looks so good! Girl you got yourself a subscriber even if this is your only gluten free video love it! ❤️

  11. Theresa Johnson
    Theresa Johnson says:

    Thank you! This pie was so good for Thanksgiving yesterday. The pie crust was great. My family loved it! Since I am lactose free, I used coconut milk (full-fat) and it was so bomb! 🙂

  12. Isabel Ramirez
    Isabel Ramirez says:

    why can you talk normal? do you talk like that with friends & family?its very exaggerated sorry I'm not trying to be mean it's just that I feel it would help you if you try to talk normal please.

  13. Shivali Dave
    Shivali Dave says:

    Hey girl, any recommendations for desert/pastry type recipes that we can travel with for the thanksgiving holiday(this pie is great but there's already pie being made by the host)? Thanksgiving is being hosted on the east coast this year and I am flying out from the Midwest. I would hate to go empty handed and really want to bring something along that would make it through the plane ride (I would keep it in flight with me), fit in small enough of a container if needed to go in hotel refrigerator yet, looks cute and is easy to do with all the chaos prior to thanksgiving. I was thinking macarons but I'm not sure how well they will travel let alone then having a high risk of failure rate. A video on this or suggestions would be absolutely wonderful! I would be so grateful as as would be anyone else traveling (near or far) this holiday season and would like to take something no fuss along! Thank you so much!

  14. stanley jones
    stanley jones says:

    When you said the sistas,,,,,,,,,,I yelled out loud,you know you are a mess,You keep me laughing,Thank you for sharing,I willnt use your gluten free,stuff,,,,,,,,I will try your filling,looks yummy.Have a great day

  15. yaniboo2002
    yaniboo2002 says:

    Could you please do a video making sweet potato biscuits before Thanksgiving. I'm a foodie but my family is not! So every year I try to introduce them to something new, and sweet potato biscuits are what I would love to try making

  16. Brenda C.
    Brenda C. says:

    You're the best! Last year was my first time cooking thanksgiving dinner and your blog did not leave my side. Every dish was courtesy of your recipes! Thank you! Will you show us a sweet potato pie recipe next!

  17. Brenda C.
    Brenda C. says:

    You're the best! Last year was my first time cooking thanksgiving dinner and your blog did not leave my side. Every dish was courtesy of your recipes! Thank you! Will you show us a sweet potato pie recipe next!


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