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Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for these easy, flavor packed Bacon Wrapped Chicken Poppers with Tequila BBQ Glaze! Full recipe: …
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26 replies
  1. iwalas
    iwalas says:

    wanted to see one of the poblanos open up.

    side note: you have showed your veggie stock in some recipes on this channel before. it’s dark and viscous looking. can we get a vid on how you put that together?

  2. im4broke
    im4broke says:

    Chef Tom you cook some amazing dishes, I think this one just became my favorite. That bbq sauce gave me some ideas on some wings I have had before, but their sauce had some bourbon in it.

  3. Jennifer Sweet
    Jennifer Sweet says:

    so i like everything you did, wish you could do it without using so many packaged pre made items. How much do you estimate it costs if you have to buy every container of special seasonings that you usef in this recipe for a one off meal?

  4. jason hullihen
    jason hullihen says:

    chef tom i got one for you i love and have not seen you make i think…. or mabey i did and is a favorite of ours… is the debones chicken thigh stuffed… emmmmm

  5. Wi_Yeti
    Wi_Yeti says:

    I've been making these with the chicken either dark or white ontop for a couple years and it totally changes the game. People at parties will love you. I change it up here and there everytime just to experience something different but we always use jalepaenos and cut a cross into it and de seed it. (Perpendicular to stem at the top then parallel down. You wanna keep the stem on for a handle) Stuff it with whatever mixture of cream cheese/ cheese / onion/whatever and then use the church chicken to cover the crack and double wrap with bacon.

    Oh I also like cooking the peppers in the oven after de seeding just to soften it. Then stuff 👌🏻

  6. Bram Fransen
    Bram Fransen says:

    Tom, I have a question.
    I have the Weber GenesisII which is fine. I use it a lot. I do like to grill large pieces of meat (Tomahawks, Cote de boeuf, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Picanha etc). On many video's smokers are being used. Smoking on the weber can be done, but requires a lot of refilling. If you would give me advice, which BBQ would you advice (mind: I am living in europe and have a family of 3 girls (not a too big one)).

  7. Rafael Larios
    Rafael Larios says:

    I don't have a smoker, nor the assortment of sauces and rubs these guys have.. but god damn this is an incredible channel, i don't miss a single video. Those poppers look amazing.


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