Aunt Nell's My Cake Recipe – Old Cookbook Show – Glen And Friends Cooking


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Aunt Nell’s My Cake Recipe – Old Cookbook Show – Glen And Friends Cooking This recipe comes from a 1951 Church Cookbook published in California – the …
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  1. Anne Grose
    Anne Grose says:

    They look just like what my mom called “nut smacks”. She was a ladies auxiliary part of the Legion and took them for for events.She would say don’t eat those they’re for the Legion.🙁

  2. Herschel1738
    Herschel1738 says:

    My father was in the RCNavy, and because they were moved around so often, all the military wives would make a special effort to socialize & make friends every place they ended up. My mother would get together with the neighbour ladies every few weeks for tea out of good china cups & saucers and many special squares, cakes & cookies. These butter tart squares were a favorite; also graham icing squares, Nanaimo bars & lemon loaf.

  3. Paul Krueger
    Paul Krueger says:

    Hoping to see some comments on ballpark baking time and how it came out for others. I don't bake much so was worried about the "bake until brown" instruction but wanted to try the coconut version (in a 9-inch metal pie pan). After 16 minutes, mine was quite dark brown, had risen slightly, then started to fall around the edges. It wiggled somewhat when I took it out of the oven but seemed to set as it cooled. Seemed to, but didn't. When I tried to cut out a test piece, it was goop. I covered it with foil, and went back in the oven for another 15 minutes. Cooled again, cut out a piece and tried it. Not bad but super sweet, still goopy and the cookie layer wasn't cooked. I'm sure it's user error, but I'll probably discard what's left and not try again.

  4. Kim Ackerman
    Kim Ackerman says:

    Watched the video, almost immediately made the 'cake', it's very yummy! Very very sweet so next time I might add a little ginger to the topping. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. figmo397
    figmo397 says:

    Those community cookbooks are the BEST. The recipes in there are all home-tested. They also reflect how people actually cook (as opposed to how they want others to think they cook).

  6. Fiona Edge
    Fiona Edge says:

    In New Zealand this is called Dream Cake popular in the mid 20th century but has disappeared from cookbooks of the last 30 years. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother liked it and I've made it before for relatives. Sometimes it is also called American Crunch.

  7. Iarna
    Iarna says:

    My grandmother made almost exactly the same thing and called them "Yum Yums" (and had even less detail in her recipe):

    Yum Yums Oven 350
    Rub together fine crumbs. Line a pan 8 x 8 with mixture.
    (Tip: Whenever you use glass drop temp by 10 degrees.)
    1 C Flour
    1/2 C Butter
    2 T Sugar
    On top add:
    2 eggs well beaten
    1/2 C coconut
    1 t vanilla
    1 1/2 C Brown Sugar
    1 C Nutmeats
    1/4 t Baking Powder
    2 T Flour
    Bake 350 30-40 min Do not over bake – should be soft.

  8. theeddorian
    theeddorian says:

    Glenn, Grandma (your Aunt Nell) used to substitute pecans for the walnuts too! I don't think she ever used walnuts in the recipe. She made individual small "tarts" in small aluminum disposable pans. Usually the crust was formed up the sides of the pan. They were hugely popular at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hundreds were made be her over the years. Sometimes not at holidays. I have recollections of climbing into her acaia tree with as many as I could liberate and a glass of milk and an old kid's book to spend an afternoon in the summer. The church ladies were mostly neighbors and acquaintances who had lived in the same area since well before WW II.

  9. unfocused1
    unfocused1 says:

    This reminds me of a cookie variation in the old Betty Crocker cookbook. I saved it as "Coconut Chews" because my family liked the coconut and walnut added to the topping. It had a cookie crust and the oh-so-sweet chewy top, THEN topped with a lemon glaze/icing. Yum. But we cut them into 1 x 2" cookies because that was a lot of sweet.

  10. Don V.D.Borgh
    Don V.D.Borgh says:

    Question, I've been looking for an affordable relatively good quality for use in my house. Do you have any suggestions or videos on this? Canadian Tire, Home Hardware & Walmart are my locals. That cake looks great! 👍👍

  11. hecate235
    hecate235 says:

    In the Midwest, this would be closer to a bar cookie (biscuit, as you say)… Still, looks yummy.

    Btw, in my youth, the family would order a box of Florida oranges through the school, They would arrive somewhere between US Thanksgiving and Christmas. I remember them being heavy, juicy, and as sweet as candy. Much better than the ones found in supermarkets now. (And no dyes.)

  12. MrSkeptikos
    MrSkeptikos says:

    In my family there is a similar thing. Pie dough crust and for the topping we use honey, sugar chopped walnuts and eggs. My mom told me that the original recipe called for corn syrup instead of honey. We are from Argentina.

  13. JT O'Dochartaigh
    JT O'Dochartaigh says:

    Aunt Nell was my grandmother and I miss her, My Cake and meals at her house every day. I remember eating lots and lots of this with walnuts (try Chandler Walnuts) or coconut, not pecans, but this variation is very appealing as well. I watched her make My Cake many times and, just a guess, but I'm betting if she had a food processor, she would have used it to make this. I've never seen the photo you used, but thank you so much for this memory!

  14. Alye
    Alye says:

    Sitting here 15 miles from Carmichael, watching someone in Canada making a Carmichael version of a Canadian recipe. Definitely going to make this one, that looks delicious.

  15. Random Mcranderson
    Random Mcranderson says:

    take this to the next level by soaking/hydrating some raisins in rum or kahlua for an hour, and then adding them into the filling. Also adding some cinnamon and nutmeg to the flour/butter mixture. but looks good.


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