ASMR Eating Godfather Pasta


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Trying Out A New Meal I Cooked In The Instant Pot #ASMREating #Godfatherpasta #Instantpotmeal Godfather …
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  1. Goruto
    Goruto says:

    This the type of video that is more relatable because at least i don’t eat 10 burgers with 30 pieces of chicken that’s why your content is different.
    keep up man!😄

  2. Hollie M
    Hollie M says:

    I live close to Amish country here in Pennsylvania and it's amazing what they can do. They have the best chocolate milk and ice cream. They make the best hand made stuff. Sometimes I think I would love to be Amish and to live simple.

  3. Kevin Jia
    Kevin Jia says:

    I love your asmr video soo much! It always makes me feel relaxed and calm … Also I am so happy that you record your life by doin asmr. Anyway I will step to age of 20 after today.. (13th)
    Time flies! Your warm videos have been accompanying with me everyday . Hope you everything well and Imma enjoy your every asmr video!


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