#AskDASH 2022 – Ep 02 – K*11, Marry, Date?

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  1. D's Que Backyard BBQ
    D's Que Backyard BBQ says:

    Weren't you drinking a cold beverage last year while answering these questions???? 😆
    Thanks for the answers. I had a feeling that would be the order that you'd choose. I wanted to make it easy by throwing in the wsm as a 4th opt. I'd marry the ivs, date the stick even though it's the best and would kill the wsm or pellet gun to head. Although the side piece curveball audible would have me bring on the pellet for reasons that you mentioned. I'd take that ease of use and upgrade it to a gravity series 560 or chargriller or something.

  2. Victor Benner
    Victor Benner says:

    I'm currently sick with a flew or really bad cold so please excuse me folks if my comments are not up to par. So that said I really don't understand why folks ask for comparisons of these cookers as to what's best. If you have the money and space who cares. They ALL have their place in my bbq Harem. But some are better at some things than others. For example for home cooks who just want easier over best on,oh let's say brisket. A pellet is a great way to go. They make wonderful turkeys and prime ribs. But no pellet would be my go to for brisket. Brisket can be done in a pellet, and done well. Find what works best for yourself and be happy. Perhaps in time you decide to add some new girls to the lineup like so many of us have. It's like asking what's best? Blonde's or red heads? Hmmm now that's a good question, unless you're married. Enough said. 😁🎄👍


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