#AskAbhijit Episode 37 | Question and Answer session with Abhijit Iyer-Mitra


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AskAbhijit Episode 37 | Question and Answer session with Abhijit Iyer-Mitra.
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45 replies
  1. Viji Soman
    Viji Soman says:

    Sir when I was watching AIyer talking …..suddenly i realized how similar Abijit and.Modi look. Add a fake beard to Abijit …..he will look just Modi😁😁 no hard feelings sir. But we will definitely vote for Abijit the opposite version of Modi.🤣🤣

  2. Geetha S
    Geetha S says:

    For your kind information:
    Lead is 'Kareeyam'….காரீயம்
    It is not used to make cooking vessels.
    Tin is' veleeyam'…வெள்ளீயம்…shorty called eeyam…ஈயம்…eeya chatti is made of TIN.
    Lead is a heavy metal,accumulate in the body and carcinogenic.
    Tin is a micronutrient.

  3. crapmail tome
    crapmail tome says:

    #28:00m May be in Kashmir and Bengal, Hindus are brainwashed to consider Non-veg as Satvik food to fund the other religion people hugely. Similarly in Kerala Hindus are brainwashed to eat Beef. My personal opinion and stand corrected.

  4. Nishant P
    Nishant P says:

    Countries like Canada, Australia are encouraging immigration so as to feed their on going housing bubble .. the housing costs are so high that you would be wasting your whole life paying the EMI to the banks .. Only Emmigrate there if you are very young.. not after when you are in 30s and 40s

  5. Sankhadeep Ghosh
    Sankhadeep Ghosh says:

    AIM is wrong us Indians are well aware of vaccination since ancient times, earlier it was called "Tika". Generally Indians are smarter more practical and scientific in approach than rest of the world. as usual AIM belittle Indians with false information. Shame

  6. yashdeep keer
    yashdeep keer says:

    Soaked toor dala then cooked in open vessel tastes 1000times better then normally how they cook in pressure cooker .I told my mom many time to cook like this but she always wants food to cook in less time. Nutrition and process jaaye bhaad . Kuch nhi aata aaj kal khana banana even my mom cooks food just to eat and fill our stomach.

  7. Nalini Deka
    Nalini Deka says:

    BJP party has always been a party of traders, middlemen, deal makers! But Modi enhanced its image, however the Gujarati mind is also essentially a business mind and that requires partnerships and some deal makers. So I have seen that happening in this dispensation too, irrespective of the RSS Cadre watching his back!


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