Arsenal In Good Position After Wild Premier League Weekend

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  1. SueMyChin
    SueMyChin says:

    Elliot, you can't cite Liverpool's XG against and say they'll revert to the mean while ignoring that we're outperforming our attacking XG by the same margin. If anything Liverpool will continue to outperform on defensive numbers until Allison is no longer in goal for them.

  2. GunnerDejavu
    GunnerDejavu says:

    That so called 80% havertz supposedly does is all stuff a 20m pound player can do…hell el neny can do that…by the way not just in the box is the issue. He also never ever make line breaking passes or switches of play. His only pass is a 5m ball .

  3. Sco
    Sco says:

    I agree that Havertz issue is a mental one… seems like a shy, overthinking type of player. Type of player who needs a bit more to get confident. With that in mind, I wish Fans hadn't come up with a song of "support" that requires Kai to score first before it gets sung.. if anything that could put MORE pressure on him knowing he needs to score to hear it, and maybe that people will even start making fun of the fact the fans never sing the song for him. He needs a song that they just SING to help his confidence and feel he belongs. If he feels that, he takes the shot, he goes at any action with more conviction and then he would come good here. On a further note.. if fans now come up with ANOTHER song going back on the previous, it would be an even bigger show of support for him than just coming up with a song in the first place….mmm.. maybe. Worth a shot… lets fogggin gooo guysss!!! Support our player, the talent is there!

    How about this..
    (to Afroman "coz i got high")…

    "Arsenal gonna win the league , because we got Kai.. (oohhh) and we gonna win the champions league, because we got Kai…. Totteringham day coming soon and I know why (why man) hey heyyy because we got Kai, because we got Kai, because we got Kai-iii.. DUH De DUh DUh DE DE DUH".

  4. pramod n
    pramod n says:

    I am slightly concerned with explanations/excuses for Havertz. I just heard Elliot saying he might come good when Partey, Odegaard, Jesus , White is back. That means he would comegood when everything is perfect. This was same explanation we had for Ozil. I am not sure I want such a player. I want someone who can click even when it's a rainy day in Stoke.

  5. Patrick Walters
    Patrick Walters says:

    I disagree that Liverpool arent going to be a part of the title run. I think VVD is looking back to world class levels and even though their midfield is light, him and Allison have been outstanding. That is something we have seen stand up for a whole season in the past, so we can't rule it out just yet .
    And their attack is world class. And their coach is world class too. Thats just a lot of world "classy-ness" to be aware of. I still believe in our chances but I do think they are legit. Cant wait for their game against city after Intl break.
    Lot of season left to go but I like where we are! COYG.

  6. Pato B
    Pato B says:

    Great content as usual, i think Clive's point about lack of personality from Kai is a great one. I am optimistic we will get some positive performances out of him before the end of the season.

  7. virupaksha walla
    virupaksha walla says:

    Vieira didn't have that many starts in Portugal. But his assists per min were outstanding. Needs put in right place to deliver crosses and passes in space. His crossing in this game might have led to more goals if he atarted and was on it, but every team will target him physically.

  8. virupaksha walla
    virupaksha walla says:

    Havertz got 7 goals last pl season i think. He topped Chelsea stats for quite a few things. I start to think Chelsea Havertz is our Havertz. Look at young Ozil skipping by folk before Real. He was never that player with us. I think Havertz is never going to be German Havertz. I fear he will be ok but moments of real attacking quality will be same as Chelsea, very inconsistent. Hooe he comes good but if he does will he stay that way or reveto this as default? Everyone has burnt money but Vieira and Havertz coube seen as 100 million punt at same position.

  9. virupaksha walla
    virupaksha walla says:

    Zinchenko was pants for a while. If he is on form he plays but the balance thing definitely right too. Maybe its good Zinchenko was off form as it forced the balance approach. The sitting him down could maybe apply to others too (Saka) to make hungry again.
    You often pick up injuries when either bit high or liw mood wise. New system may not be unconnected to Odegaard injuries.

  10. virupaksha walla
    virupaksha walla says:

    I told folk they got too excited about Vieira after 2 sub appearance. His use is sub in game we need a goal and dominating possession. Jorginho has been good signing. He ain't there jogging (that is him flat out). His attitude is great. That mistake against Spurs so sad. But we need him with Partey so unreliable. Anyone who can take minutes in game we win is useful btw.
    Havertz just has to get off the valium. He shirks attacking headers and turns to a liz coss lettuce leaf in the sun turning in box. Overall not that bad but man the guy is getting annoying with his spineless attacking mentality. Whole strategy of cross to back post felt like effort to get him a goal lol.
    Vieira needs to go do some Judo -Wrestling or the like to learn to enjoy some contact. He will never bulk up too much with his constitution but doesn't look like he is working on his physicality . 35 down the drain, Vieira doesn't win a dual again. 😢.
    My main worry about Vieira is his departure will impact Martinelli with separation anxiety 😢

  11. Praktika
    Praktika says:

    Not losing the ball centrally is exactly the point of this season's iteration of the squad. How many times did they lose the ball because Ødegaard tried to squeeze a central pass and it got cut out, and they march through our soft underbelly and score?
    The attack is being built wide because if they lose the ball wide, it's not as dangerous and its easier to recover the ball.

  12. virupaksha walla
    virupaksha walla says:

    Saka lucky to stay on for that push in the back 😂 Haaland continually fouls and gets away with most.
    Mudryk instrumental in a goal. Still not sure he won't come good.
    Losing a lead to 4 man Fulham the one that hurts. Hold that lead we are top

  13. Laughingman
    Laughingman says:

    Another great podcast👍 We need to play our 5 best offensive & defensive players for prime Arsenal so that means Trossard & Tomi are starters imo. Tomi-Gabi-Saliba-White are a beastly backline & Rice is our English #6 for the next 10 years😀💪(Partey-unreliable-sell) Trossard is a game changer & stays at 9 until Jesus is fit & try him at L8 with Martinelli ahead… Imagine an attacking lineup of Jesus-Saka-GM-Odegard-Trossard😀💪⚽….Or could play more defensive with Zinny at L8. Havertz & Eddie come off the bench now..(Timber probably comes in as a starter when fully fit)🏆🙏⚽💪🦵✌️

  14. Cristian Mihalache
    Cristian Mihalache says:

    … not intended to get too much into the Zinchenko/Tomiyasu debate but, (ready for this?…) hello, we are not Robin Hood FC, we are Arsenal, we DO want to have a wide range of weapons available to fit each game, with all its phases!…

    Love from Napa, Ca

  15. The Arsenal MisFit
    The Arsenal MisFit says:

    You guys are a great watch, and I learn a lot from you, even Elliot. But there is 1 thing that you are missing. you keep saying that we will improve the way we move the ball when players come back from injury. You mentioned Zinchenko moving slowly up the pitch and putting his foot on the ball, slowing things down. this is what Arteta 6 every player that comes back will do the same thing, or they will lose their place.
    This is Artetas style know. what we say last season is gone, and we won't see it anymore. this is ball control football, and this is what we play. y only concern is that when we played like this last season, we struggled against the low block, and we lost some of those games. there is nothing to say we won't struggle again against those teams. It's a style that makes sense on papper for 38 games, but it wastes 1 of this clubs biggest assets, which is speed, which we rarely use now, and I believe it could actually cost us the title.
    We have been playing like this from game 1, where White was constantly walking the ball up the pitch from the center back position. When we were arguably at our strongest player wise.

  16. Todd Parker
    Todd Parker says:

    The reason Burnley look good moving side to side is because we move the ball side to side. Reality is, Arteta wants control so our build up is typically slow into the final third. Count how many times after we win the ball that the first pass is back and you see players running into a set position so that shape as a team can be created. Nothing wrong with this, but this is why it is happening, it is a choice. Liverpool don't play like that, for example. We don't find inverted wingers or our 8's in the half space because low blocks mean it is not on. I don't think it will happen, but I would like Arteta to develop more of a nuance in our attacking approach in which we do control games but situationally we play past the pressure and transition quicker. I feel like we transitioned quicker earlier in Arteta's tenure, our wingers are the transition players in that moment and sometimes we showed amazing dynamism. We are not open much anymore, that is fine, the game is about queues though and there are times the phase of play shows an opportunity to change the rhythm of the game and go quicker by playing past the pressure and creating penetration before the defense gets set in their low block. Said differently, Arteta said late last year we face more low blocks than anyone in Europe. Quite something, well, then play quicker so there is no time for low block to form. Not saying we change our style, but the queues players are trained to see as they read phase of play means this can evolve our game. Pep did that the moment they got Erling Haaland as there are times they play quicker because of him as the rest of the game ultimately falls into a controlled pattern of play.

  17. Daz F.C
    Daz F.C says:

    Love the show but I do disagree with saying Saliba is the leader in the back line , I think as lot do undervalu GM as I believe he is more leader. He also covers more of an area. I also would say Saliba has made mistakes. if it GM he gets critised. For me both are brilliant

  18. David Peters
    David Peters says:

    When Eddie was decent that run in we were creating ton of chances maybe that's him lack of dynamism or that's our team built to play a way and his game adjusting to that it's come a long way from what it was ,I'm always looking back to what Henry said about when arsene told him to learn the players around you so you can adapt to them and I don't think Eddie is there yet ,maybe he won't get there with us but he's getting a decent foundation for future sale possibly. Trossard ability on the ball in tight spaces is what we need but in a bigger body.

    Kai I agree needs confidence or more so some arrogance you saw that in the Sevilla game a lil


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