Are Food Shows Lying To You? ft. Top Chef Judge Gail Simmons

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Today, Josh and Nicole are joined by food writer, cookbook author and permanent judge on Emmy-winning series Top Chef: Gail …

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  1. Colin Perry
    Colin Perry says:

    "It wasn't nerdy it was passionate…" Nerds are passionate, it's what makes us nerds. What are you guys but cooking nerds? How is Josh's encyclopedic knowledge of Top Chef episodes any different to a comic book nerd spouting Spider-Man trivia?

  2. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    Nicole, you should watch your cats. If the guy cat licks their male only genitalia, that's a bad sign and should be taken to the vet. I learned this the day my cat died.

  3. AdInfinitumSpero
    AdInfinitumSpero says:

    So I don't care about food tv, this is the extent of it for me. However, she speaks the same level of passion as josh and nichole once she realizes they know what theyre talking about, I would loooove to see her judge their food in some form or fashion

  4. Bethany Watson
    Bethany Watson says:

    Mythical Kitchen scoring some really exciting guests, lately! Margaret Cho, Tom Hanks, Robert Irvine, now Gale Simmons! Not to mention, of course folks like Mica Burton and Ify.

    GGs, mythical kitchen! So happy for you <3

  5. Laura Hodges
    Laura Hodges says:

    Ironically….i told myself the other day that I didn't understand why I watched anything about food. I NEVER touch food unless it's to put in my mouth 😅 thanks for pointing out I am not alone. 😂

  6. MacMotuiM
    MacMotuiM says:

    I have never watched top chef, This made me want to. That is until I learned that's where that padma bitch came from. she is the worst, and her episode is GMM is like the most awful cringiest thing ever. I def wont be watching now.

  7. Hey! Let's Do A Thing!
    Hey! Let's Do A Thing! says:

    I admire Gail’s philosophy on not taking the whole season’s performance into account when judging that day’s leg of the competition, so that they aren’t letting a contestant’s past performance influence whether they survive a challenge that they bomb, but where I disagree is that the philosophy should switch during the finale – the choice of who wins the whole season SHOULD be based on the whole season’s performance, not just the final challenge. Judge every other challenge based on how they did that particular week, but the finale should be a judgment of their performance throughout the season and determine who is, overall, the best, not just who did the best in this one challenge at the end. The goal is choosing the actual Top Chef, not just who was the best chef during one particular challenge. It isn’t like sports where the previous games don’t matter and it’s whoever gets the most points in the final game – this is a subjective industry with a panel of judges who decide the winner. There are no clear cut points to win or lose by.

  8. Josh S
    Josh S says:

    I absolutely LOVE this episode and Gail Simmons is super eloquent and a was an amazing guest. I also love how she, politely, dressed down Josh and Nicole for using the title "Chef", by saying that she doesn't even consider herself a Chef. Mythical Kitchen is probably my favorite channel on YouTube and I consume ALL of your content. Your knowledge of food, and honestly the history of food is incredible and almost seems encyclopedic. But you are professional content creators that work with food. And you're really good at that! Maybe even professional cooks, though I think that probably applies more to people who are cooking food for the express purpose of feeding people. It makes me cringe every single time you unironically refer to yourselves as Professional Chefs.

  9. Sean Cook
    Sean Cook says:

    Man, I just want to listen to passionate people talk about their passions, and that is exactly what this is.

    It's fascinating to hear Gail talk about how it has to come down to the best dish each day, because that's how sports work, too. You do well the whole season for the opportunity to be in the last game. But once you're there, you have to win that day. The super bowl rings don't go to the team with the best record, they go to the team who won THAT game. And that's what makes competition so triumphant and tragic and beautiful.

    Why do I care this much about a show a haven't watched in ten years!? Lol


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