Anodized Aluminum 5 Gallon Jambalaya Pot by Cajun Classic Cookware.

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I purchased a lightweight anodized aluminum five gallon jambalaya pot from Cajun Classic Cookware. Traditionally jambalaya is …

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  1. The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr
    The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr says:

    Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I have a hard anadized aluminum 10 qt. Stovetop stockpot, over 20 years now. I still use it on a regular basis. Still as tough as when I bought it. No warping, no cracks or other concerns. I love that pot. I've been looking into hard anadized Dutch Ovens. They are so much lighter, as well as less fragile. They say the hard anadizing process makes the aluminum two times tougher than steel. I'm sure this new jambalaya pot will become well used. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎🇺🇸.

  2. Pickles BBQ
    Pickles BBQ says:

    That’s a nice new addition to the jambalaya arsenal of cookware! Glad it turned out well and no difference in technique, better than lugging around 5gal cast iron which can be a chore. Cheers Big Lew and all you do!

  3. PAPA Texas
    PAPA Texas says:

    I would think the bolts on the bottom of the legs is for leveling. Enjoy your nice new pot Big Lew. I'm sure the cook will be a little different than cast iron. Nice pot of Jambalaya!


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