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Welcome back everyone! Today we are sharing another day at home with us on our homestead! #largefamilylove #homesteading …

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  1. @annielumm7370
    @annielumm7370 says:

    Have fun yall! I had Philly cheese steak and fries last night! It hit the spot! Enjoy your Christmas and your visits ❤❤ Gonna miss you but also happy you're taking holiday time ❤❤

  2. @kkwojt07
    @kkwojt07 says:

    So glad your going to get to spend time with your mom. Hope she is doing well ❤ food looks good as always. The pigs are so cute. The one just laying there….thats how i feel some days 🤣

  3. @MrsAlmaTrumble
    @MrsAlmaTrumble says:

    The middle of the week can be tough, but don't lose sight of all the good in your life. Count your blessings and let gratitude guide you. Have a Beautiful and Blessed day and week. See you next video. Stay safe and healthy. God Bless.


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