ANABOLIC CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | Easy High Protein Low Carb Cookie Recipe!

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  1. Remington James
    Remington James says:

    Anabar is now in Trader Joe’s 🎉🎉 Massive milestone & I couldn’t have done it without you guys! If you happen to have a Trader Joe’s near you stop in & grab a bar! Don’t forget enter the Giveaway in this video as well, you know the drill 💯

  2. kelly andrews
    kelly andrews says:

    Finally getting back to working out after dealing with a lot of physical and mental issues. My Achilles heel is the late night sweets so these along with your ice cream and brownie recipes will be a life saver

  3. Steve H.
    Steve H. says:

    No Trader Joe's near me…but i'm so happy for you guys. That's amazing. Is there any movement on expanding into more supplements? I miss your protein powder, I only have 1 container left 🙁

  4. David Gray
    David Gray says:

    Love these recipes! I cooked Teriyaki chicken for my girl using your recipes, and im doing the cookies soon! Im down 30lbs over the course of the year, and these recipes will keep me on track Thank you for what you do!

  5. Tutty 88
    Tutty 88 says:

    Rem, I was skeptical, initially. Your cookies haven't always been my favorite…BUT…these bad Larry's were love at first bite. I instantly lost 15lbs of fat, gained 15lbs of muscle, and now I make my tailor sew a 3rd pant leg into all my Youngla perfect joggers!!! THANKS REM!!! ❤️ 🍪💪

  6. Christian Jacobs
    Christian Jacobs says:

    I just wanna say thanks Rem! Your recipes have helped me lose all the fat I wanted to. Now I’m in a bulk, trying to build the most amount of muscle I can. But the best part is that I can eat even more of your recipes!

  7. XblacklightZ
    XblacklightZ says:

    The principles got me over my plateau. I went from 230 to 180 lbs but I dropped to 170 by getting more protein while still watching my calories so thank you. If you want a challenge do a budget meal prep like say 1800 calories 150 grams protein for a month on $200 or something similar cause a barrier (not really) for most people on weight lose could be their budget


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