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Burrito’s should be a staple in everyones diet! So today I show you how to make this high protein but insanely delicious burrito and burrito bowl at home. It’s also …
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  1. pda
    pda says:

    Great recipe!! Quick tip: For the pico, chop the tomatoes and put in a strainer while you chop the rest of the ingredients. Then the pico won't sit in a lot of tomato water the next few days. YUM!

  2. Jordan Pike
    Jordan Pike says:

    Stoked to make these! Hey Derek, do you have a more beginner (slightly in shape) calisthenics workout plan? I want to up my fitness to the next level and really make some calisthenic gains! Sorry if you've answered this question multiple times. Love your content man!

  3. Yair Eli
    Yair Eli says:

    Guys I eat on a daily basis for breakfast oat meal with 2 dates 1 banana 1 apple 1 pear and a handful of berries with flax seeds, is that too much fruit or unhealthy in any way?? Help me guys

  4. ElCatrinMuerto
    ElCatrinMuerto says:

    I eat a rice a bean burrito once a week for lunch. Similar for the exception of the red Nd green peppers. Not because I dont like them just the place I go to doesnt serve them on their own. Delicious.


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