Amazing Shrimp Fried Rice | Chinese Takeout Recipe | Quick + Easy

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Today’s shrimp fried rice recipe has a secret ingredient. I’m adding leftover beef and broccoli into the mix. This loaded shrimp fried …

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  1. Krystle Poulin
    Krystle Poulin says:

    I know you asked people not to interact with posts, but I've seen someone get their page back after followers began commenting, "This page is hacked. Give this page back, you disgusting thief" on every single post. If they can't steal your audience, the page is worth nothing to them.

  2. Brian MW
    Brian MW says:

    I was skeptical about this recipe until I saw the Pearl River Bridge dark soy and the shao shing rice wine. Nice layering techniques in the pan.

    This recipe would be Uncle Roger approved!

  3. Megg Sohn
    Megg Sohn says:

    Her facebook has been COMPLETELY STOLEN by hackers. I reported and blocked. The thieves changed it to Simply Cooks to steal her followers. Absolutely terrible because facebook gave her NO support. There is no one to contact at facebook! I tried myself because I also manage facebook business pages and there is NO ONE to contact. Just endless 'help' pages that don't help. So sorry for you! We will support you here. I've been a fan for years!

  4. Monie
    Monie says:

    I like fried rice with couscous Red Grain Rice using coconut aminos as the soy sauce and it is wonderful with lots of purple yellow and red bell peppers shallots, fresh peas, bean sprouts, purple and yellow carrots, basil, sometimes garlic chives. and I even like a bit of scrambled egg on top sesame seed oil makes it really pop. 💯‼️ Sometimes I like it with extra large cut up pieces of lobster tail, and blue crab.


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