All in one pot dinner

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  1. @wr1791
    @wr1791 says:

    Pre-cut onion, didn’t even know they sold that. Would not hurt to actually cook and not throw a bunch of highly processed products in a crockpot.

  2. @PaulaDiaz-z9q
    @PaulaDiaz-z9q says:

    Iam not trying to be rude, but i would not eat that because you left the grease in the pot from the hamburger cooking. That is not good for your heart. Sorry. I would drain that grease first.

  3. @brenR75
    @brenR75 says:

    A version of Shepard's Pie its one my favs too , never used crockpot so much time saving this way. I also only use can cream corn and can regular corn drained. But yours looks wonderful


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