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Welcome back everyone! Today I share a quick aldi haul! #allthingshome #groceryhaul #aldihaul **BUSINESS …

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  1. @brandibrockway5002
    @brandibrockway5002 says:

    was just watching your video where you made the donuts and you used chicken eggs in the dough and I wondered if that is what gave your daughter a reaction. I'm not sure but is the breakfast sausage and the smoked sausage gluten free? Some of those things have fillers. Just mentioning because you said she had a reaction.

  2. @mitzimoran8690
    @mitzimoran8690 says:

    Our 22 month old granddaughter has just been diagnosed with possible IBS and we’re having to find stuff for her to eat and pulling the trigger foods out of her diet. This has been great to see what you feed Layla and substituting something else. This is going to be so bad because her juice and bananas are her favorite foods. We have started the struggle bus too. Look forward to seeing what you prepare for her and your audience’s suggestions!!

  3. @CarolPotts-df6mf
    @CarolPotts-df6mf says:

    This might be a stupid question but if she can't eat chicken or their eggs, could she have had a reaction from just picking the chickens up? Allergies are so weird. I feel so bad for her. 😥

  4. @sherriebulechek8353
    @sherriebulechek8353 says:

    You know I have some friends that are lactose intolerant and they started drinking Raw milk, straight from the cow and they had NO problems at all. It’s so much better for you also. Maybe you need a nice Jersey cow for the homestead, you can also make homemade butter ❤

  5. @annielumm7370
    @annielumm7370 says:

    Enjoy your visit!!! See you on Friday! We have Philly cheese steaks, Aldi red bag chicken, taco salad, tuna and chicken salad. Grilling burgers and chicken. Stuffed peppers in the crockpot (seen in mandy in the making last video) and spaghetti ! That's is my list this go round!

    Also forgot hubby started on next 2 weeks. He seen on Facebook open face sloppy Joe's. Make sloppy Joe's get Garlic bread put sloppy joe meat and obviously cheese and boom dinner 😂😂😂

  6. @JW-es5un
    @JW-es5un says:

    BIG COMMENT. Tiffany here are a few of our favorites. What about beef smoke sausage frozen green beans & frozen corn add onions cooked in crockpot. Serve sweet & reg potatoes on the side. What about egg roll in a bowl sausage & cabbage cooked together take out what Ms lala can’t have. I fix cooked cabbage onion powder, garlic powder your seasonings gluten free egg noodle with sour cream & a 1/2 block of cream cheese added it is an old polish dish. I add cooked breakfast sausage or ground beef for protein to it too. I also fix in a crockpot our summer version of shepherds pie with no potatoes frozen mixed veggies (the ones with no potatoes) diced cooked pork loin or cooked ground beef with finely diced onions & when I serve top with dairy free cheese & regular for others this is ready as soon as everything is hot very quick. With regular hamburgers with love homemade sweet potato fries. We also eat a lot of cooked mixed greens I cook all day. Served with pinto beans seasoned with ham. Then refrigerate the extra. I sometimes the next day serve pinto beans drained some of the thick liquid leaving some of the liquid to make a summer bean salad. Serve cold salad with diced tomatoes cucumbers onions bell peppers (normally fresh from our garden) all mixed in the beans together it is a different bean salad. You choose which fresh veggies to add. My family loves it. We also make a mixed fresh fruit salsa many recipes on line. GOD BLESS FROM JULIE WEST CENTRAL INDIANA FARMLAND

  7. @beckyb1797
    @beckyb1797 says:

    Hey! Your outdoor view looks so pretty! It’s been windy here to. Even with all the rain we’ve had it’s drying everything out quickly! Annoying! My flowers aren’t looking very happy. But hopefully things will get better with our rising dew points. 😊 Hope your doing well! Take care and talk again soon!❤

  8. @patriciacorpe6228
    @patriciacorpe6228 says:

    I just back from Aldi and spend 195.23. I hope it will last for more than 2 weeks, lol Were only two people but I do M
    make something for luncheon after Church group where we have a sweet fellowship we have a lot of older single people. I may the only time they get to eat with others. God's Grace be with you and your sweet family too.

  9. @LaceyPearl86
    @LaceyPearl86 says:

    I came up with something quick and easy a few years ago.. Italian sub quesadillas.. tortillas.. I use provolone and mozzarella, ham, salami, pepperoni… We like dipping it in Italian dressing.. quick easy perfect for a hot kitchen in the summer lol

  10. @nicoleadel1983
    @nicoleadel1983 says:

    My family's favorite dinner is bacon wrapped chicken tenders. You could use a turkey breast for Layla and just slice it into strips. Then you wrap a slice of bacon around each chicken tender then just fry them in a skillet turning to cook the bacon on every side. By the tume the bacon is cooked the chicken is always cooked through. My family always wants baked beans and some kind of potato with it. My little kids love it hope you'll give it a shot. It is so hard to find a meal that everyone in my home likes so it is definitely a go to meal for me. Lots of love ❤ from Nicole in Indiana


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