Alaska Homestead Kitchen Restock, Clean, Decanting, Organize, Cook with Me #homestead #restock

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Welcome to a beautiful winter day in south central Alaska. Join me on a kitchen restock. Decanting and cleaning. How do we even …

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  1. Kathy Kenney
    Kathy Kenney says:

    I enjoyed this video. Also loved seeing sunshine, albeit your sunshine, I'm grateful to see some. We haven't had sunshine in a while. While watching you I was able to make, bake and take a loaf of bread out of the oven. So good deeds all around. Have a blessed day and God bless!

  2. Sandy Tmobile
    Sandy Tmobile says:

    Jar's are low. I put my order in on more half gallon jars. I have 69 full of dry everything I've done and two moisture packs in each it's needed or my hard work is garbage. I'm in Oregon and my weather changes all the time so ya I have been trapped on my land for five months yep no power also a mess with power lines. But thankfully for my saving of garden food's. Any how ball and jar company are still having problems so order your's now.

  3. Alison Nelson
    Alison Nelson says:

    Hi sweet one! I have had to watch this at 3 separate times because I had a couple of appointments today. It is so nice to see such an organized kitchen. You continue to amaze me! Big hugs and many blessings!

  4. BrendaBarNett
    BrendaBarNett says:

    Every home we have had, I've wanted open shelving, but hubby always talked me out of it. But I am continually changing kitchen storage to better meet my needs,which has changed through the years

  5. Christa Wright
    Christa Wright says:

    I usually turn you on, listening through my hearing aides lol so pretty much miss anything going on in the busy afternoon of our home. It's funny because I enjoy turning all that off for a few mins while I'm working in my kitchen. But now I want to convert all my willie nilly spice containers into jars lol but I'm thinking I need some kind of super magnet system under my cabinets 🤔

  6. Tammy March
    Tammy March says:

    I have had to split the video to watch it all. first a power outage then couple hours later the internet was out. so I think I remember you saying you make the jalapeno salt? How do you make it? I get lots of peppers in our garden every summer and would love to make the salt this summer. The kitchen looks great! and got me to wiping mine down really well today too.

  7. Debbie Crouch
    Debbie Crouch says:

    I watched the video as always and so enjoy them. I don’t say much only here or there and all night I just kept thinking about this video so here I am again! I could feel the gratefulness you were expressing without a full blown sob. We don’t have a homestead but we have a tiny place in the big pines that has been established for over 30 years. My kitchen is the heart of our home as was my moms and her moms. In fact I was at my 80 year old aunts house and until we were helping her pack up I had never been past the kitchen or bathroom because we all gathered there! I just felt to tell you your doing wonderful, even in sickness and (accident) 🤭your still such a beautiful witness to all who cross your path. I have 4 autoimmune disorders that I fight daily. This morning I was grateful to be woke up to face another day. I made a peach cobbler this morning and as the wood cookstove was stocked I could not help but raise my voice of thanks to the Lord for all that He has provided in this day already. Again thank you for sharing even though you can’t see or hear you are reaching many 💕

  8. Jackie Burnett
    Jackie Burnett says:

    Loved watching you with your organizing in your kitchen. I know it’s just me up I like things in glass which I don’t have enough of so I am having to use some plastic. All those baskets are expensive and I just don’t care for them but each to their own. Love how you have thought through! Great video

  9. Kimberly Shalaby
    Kimberly Shalaby says:

    I liked making my roast in a crock pot on low. I use a envelope of lipton onion soup mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup undiluted. Spread over roast. I also put my carrots potatoes & onion in with roast on top. It makes its own gravy. You can add 1/2-1 cup water down sides.
    The other version I do – carrots potatoes onion in, Roast on top. Pour 1 can og Progresso tomato with basil soup over top. On low 8 hrs for both roast recipes.
    Have a good day. Van is running late. But I finished hanging out with you before going. hugs.

  10. Kimberly Shalaby
    Kimberly Shalaby says:

    I have to finish getting ready to go on a Senior shopping trip. I may have to finish after I get back. We washed walls down with our wood burning stove. It was in the basement. We started up stairs in the bedrooms as my wall to the west side of the home sweat leaving orange-ish streaks down the wall. The mantle, window ledges all had a black dust to wipe off like you had on top shelf in your kitchen. Every wall, pictures, knick knack, chandelier, light shades, curtains, drapes, blinds, everything was cleaned. It was a job!

  11. Marilyn Capehart
    Marilyn Capehart says:

    Hi Jessica glad to see you are looking so much better, I just enjoy watching your Family, keep up whatever you are doing and making you happy. I live in a Senior Complex, Putting things on top of the Cabinet made it start pulling away from the Wall so I took it down because it was to Heavy, it woul have fallen down, 1-20-2023❤️

  12. Aimee Beech
    Aimee Beech says:

    I just recently jarred some spices from an Azure order I got a while ago, it always feels so much better after doing the silly things I’ve been procrastinating about.
    I did take a bit of time after your closet purging video, and took 4 trash bags of old clothes, sheets, shoes etc out of the house. 🎉

  13. Sherry Pitt
    Sherry Pitt says:

    Hi Jessica and Family! How’s all going at the Homestead? You look so so pretty today! You really do! I can almost smell that roast cooking! What the heck, How have I not seen that cast iron, Black pan wall! That is spectacular! I could just sit and look at you’re spice jars! I just love them. You are sweet Jessica!! You’re gratitude shines through! I had tears too! You guys be safe, we will talk soon, I hope!

  14. Jean Johnson
    Jean Johnson says:

    I also keep my spices in glass containers but much smaller then you do as I’m alone but I love to cook for others, I like to see my spices plus it’s so easy to take out the measured amount you need, I would love to have your kitchen set up but when you rent you are limited to what you can do so everyone needs to figure out how best they can display and organize, I find it oddly satisfying to watch this type of content lol

  15. Judy Shoemaker
    Judy Shoemaker says:

    You and your kitchen are both looking good. I am still trying to figure out my kitchen and pantry since I just moved and downsized. If I buy a house, my new rule will be LARGE KITCHEN, PANTRY, LOTS OF DRAWERS AND CABINETS. my kitchen now has 4 drawers that are 4 inches wide. Can't hardly fit anything in them. Anyway, glad your feeling better and enjoying the sunshine.

  16. Michaela P
    Michaela P says:

    I love working watching your videos, this time I worked on a blue tatted bookmark . I reorganised my whole kitchen in décember, keeping space for some copycat spice mixes I can not get in France. I would like to have a larger kitchen but I deal with the one I have. On a daily basis I use the "fly" method, 15 mn every day after the washing up to keep my kitchen clean . You look so much better ! Be blessed

  17. Pam
    Pam says:

    I just found your channel after Christmas. I have been binge watching ever since. Wow, your face is so much thinner. The whole 30 is great!

  18. Del Torres
    Del Torres says:

    Omg yes FUNCTIONAL AND S PURPOSE ..but for me a bit different kitchen is very very everything in its place..and really no room extra things that will disturb my flow …yup 👍👍… even if somebody brings me a dish we eat out of it. I wash it and I actually put it in my dining room so we can be on his way back to the owner. I don’t have any extra room in my small house for anything then when I already have

  19. Del Torres
    Del Torres says:

    I always like a good cleaning and re-organizing video. It actually helps me .,gets me motivated you’re doing a great job., I to use mason jars for plenty. I am Hispanic, so we kind of use a house blend on a daily basis ,you know that Mexica…n House, oregano, paprika, garlic, and whatever else Camino, whatever else you want to put, but I do keep the garlic powder onion powder Lemon pepper things like that on the side but for every day use, I use a Hispanic House blend..,that has a little bit of everything I even make it myself and put it in a very large mason jar as well half gallon and then use a smaller one next to my stove.


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