Alaska Food Cost? | What we eat in a week | No spend November Challenge #nospendchallenge

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Welcome to Modern Homestead Alaska. What we eat in a week of a no spend month. Week 4 of the first challenge.

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  1. Jessica Soriano
    Jessica Soriano says:

    All the food looks so good! We live in a community that has a high Indian population as well as a high Mexican population so we have access to some very good food! Side note: I need a bigger cast iron so I can make those pizzas.

  2. Gill Gallon
    Gill Gallon says:

    Those chickens looked so tasty. Well done .The meal kodie cooked looked great, I always say, "Kids learn from there parents.she is going to be a good cook, she listened and learnt from you .thank you for sharing

  3. sarah mcveety
    sarah mcveety says:

    Love these day in the life cooking videos! Excellent job staying on budget this month! My daughter watched this video with me tonight and when you are making hamburger soup for Aaron on the big stove she noticed the board game on the half wall and asked what it was called? She absolutely loves games!

  4. sharon brown
    sharon brown says:

    Kodie Ann is a good cook it looks like! All of the meals looked delicious. You cracked me up with those chickens….I hope everyone is feeling better in your house. You did great with the November no spend.

  5. rolls royce
    rolls royce says:

    Good Job "Cheffe Jessica" restaurant 5 stars on "Michelin Guide"🍽📖👌
    Hello from Paris, France
    Everything you do, Jessica, is really delicious😍👌

  6. Denise Scull
    Denise Scull says:

    My oh my that pizza in the cast iron looks so good, great idea! I love Indian food too and Kodie made that butter chicken look easy enough to try, it's on my list for trying soon. Your cooking always looks good. Thanks for sharing and congrats on sticking with your budget!

  7. lyn smith
    lyn smith says:

    Great video Jessica. Hope you all are feeling better soon. We life in a somewhat remote area and town is two hours away, so we shops g normally, once ever two months. But it’s just the two of us. You make my day, thank you for your channel and sharing a little bit of your life with us. Cheers 🇨🇦💕🌷

  8. Laura Groux
    Laura Groux says:

    Impressed as always with the outcome of your efforts. But if you will allow me to deviate from the food side of this video….
    Jessica the color red was made for you.
    Your natural color and the red make you look festive !!
    Enjoyed our visit this afternoon, now I have to plan a meal for us! Then finish our decorating this evening.
    Healthy good wishes are being sent from our home to yours. ❤️Momma G


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