Air Fryer Steak in my Ninja XL Smart Grill 6 in 1 | Why I Bought a New Ninja!

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Air Fryer Steak in my Ninja XL Smart Grill 6 in 1 | Why I Bought a New Ninja! Ninja Grill 5 in 1 Dimensions: cm: 43×35.5×28, Cord: …

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  1. Oly MH
    Oly MH says:

    Hi Anita! Enjoy your new Ninja. I've had the same model as your new one for a year+ and love it. However, the "grill" setting ALWAYS smoked the whole house every time we used it, even after strictly following the manual's recommendation of washing the screen after every use. I also clean the inside very well with a damp cloth while I still can get any of the dripping and splatters to dry completely in an effort to minimize the smoke issue. The steaks turned out great and we enjoyed the way they came out.

    But several videos ago, I saw you use the "air crisp" setting on your old Ninja and that gave me an idea to cook the steaks in air crisp setting, and the results were awesome, and NO SMOKE!!! The clean up is also better versus the grilling grate.
    Hubby and I tried cooking burgers in the grill setting and the results were very disappointing, but we've tried the air crisp setting and they come out great. I don't know if it is because I may not know how to best cook using the grill setting but I prefer the air crisp setting and thus far the results are always great and no smoke in the house. 🙂

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I have the same model. I just set it to grill and add a rib steak when its heated, the total time depends on the thickness. I will have to try your method,

  3. Mauri Glisson
    Mauri Glisson says:

    We love ours! My husband want one but wasn't sure he would use it. I got him one for Christmas 2 years ago. It has been you multiple times a day. The only time it gets a break is when we are on vacation.

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    Thanks for the video. It was a bit humorous during the intro when you're talking all about the new grill, and you can see the old grill in the background like a jealous ex. I keep eyeing the Ninja XL Pro 7 in 1 Grill/Griddle Combo, I almost pulled the trigger a few times, but I'm waiting for the price to come down a bit more.

  5. Waterdancer
    Waterdancer says:

    My 5/1 ninja doesn't tip backwards like yours.
    Even if bottom is completely empty of pans/accessories it doesn't tip.
    You inspired me to purchase mine (TY) so I'm only mentioning this in case someone wants the smaller deeper air fryer and is concerned about the balance. It seems that isn't an issue on (presumably) newer models.
    Thanking you in advance for inspiring me to very likely buy yet another kitchen appliance 😉❤️

  6. Nicole Sullivan
    Nicole Sullivan says:

    I bought mine about 7 months ago when I decided to go carnivore. I absolutely love it, it gets used by at least one family member every day. I first saw it at Costco, but ended up getting it cheaper at Kohls with a coupon.

  7. Yol Twysse
    Yol Twysse says:

    Love ours like this model. We’ve had it for a couple years and absolutely agree it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Looking to purchase the newer larger model with an easier to remove element screen in the lid. So excited for you and your new best friend for the kitchen! Happy cooking. 😁

  8. Mama Bear
    Mama Bear says:

    I certainly like mine and I am very grateful for your words of encouragement and expertise on using the air fryer. Btw, my granddaughter has named the air fryer Francine 🙂. As you know the air fryer I have is very similar to the one you are donating and it really does do a great job on all of things I ask it to do. Over Xmas I was gifted with 3 different air fryer cook books so I now have many recipes to choose from. Of course there is always utube videos including yours that I search for ideas; experimentation is fun! Take care Anita and enjoy your new toy, I look forward to further videos and cooking adventures.

  9. Delline Ketzer
    Delline Ketzer says:

    I have the same as your other one but no thermometer and I have never had an issue with it wanting to tilt. Mine is like moving my kitchen aid mixer, not so much heavy, just sturdy! The steak looked delicious! 😊

  10. C M
    C M says:

    I have the new foodi too. It is my first one and I have to learn how to use it also. I look forward to your further videos about it. Thanks.

  11. Tracey Parker
    Tracey Parker says:

    Miss Anita!!! NSV. You may not have noticed!! Your neck & face (skin) Is looking much tighter!!! I can see it on video!! This HFCV is definitely helping rejuvenate your skin elasticity!! LOOSE SKIN B GONE!!! Hugs from Biloxi, MS. See you at Keto Con!! 😎😍😘

  12. czawaideh
    czawaideh says:

    I love the stuff that you share. Can you tell us what kind of stove top oven you have I need a replacement and I want to make sure that I have one that will work with the psmf egg bread


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