A Preview of Things to Come – Tim Moore and Nathan Jones

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Jan Markell talks to Tim Moore and Nathan Jones about the convergence of signs of the times. Maui was a preview of things to …

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  1. hans strang
    hans strang says:

    I just got ostracized by another church because I am autistic, and bipolar. As long as you're not different then you can be accepted into society.
    I'm ready to go. I've been trying to save up enough money for a way to make it quick

  2. owemylife
    owemylife says:

    I learned from the late Russ dizdar how vile they are attacking innocence. If you combine that knowledge with the political agendas, you realize just how bad it really is. I want to go full Rambo. What do you want me to do, God? Surely not just stand by. It's far beyond polite discussion.

  3. Touriel
    Touriel says:

    36:00 who are these false prophecies printed by? I am an outreach worker with New Age people and would be very interested to know. I remember a line of thought that Gia would 'spit Christians out of her mouth' when hive mind kicked in, but had not heard of the UFO 'arks'!

  4. Touriel
    Touriel says:

    The word Tribulation is from the Latin Tribulum. It is a threshing sledge – wood set with flint ship/metal shards/holes which is pulled over the cur wheat to crush and separate the grain from the chaff. This is then winnowed. In the same way Tribulation is part of the purifying process in Yah's harvest.

  5. Jason Merrington (3 Songs On A CD Productions)
    Jason Merrington (3 Songs On A CD Productions) says:

    Reading Revelation 12 you find that when the Church is taken after the dead in Christ have been raised first and the Woman is given wings, they go to be "nourished" for a time, times and half a time", which is 3 and a half years, so I wonder where you keep supposing we go to Heaven for 7 years comes from Scripturally?
    Also, you insist the large T Tribulation would be fire all over the world all at once, but the scriptures say "one city will be burning or not receiving rain while the city next to them gets too much rain. I wonder, have you by chance yet considered that since 2020 March 20 when the perpetual sacrifice of the Eucharist which remained non stop for nearly 2000 years stopped as Daniel the prophet foresaw, it will be precisely 3 and a half years right about this fall, exactly 1335 days from March 20 2020 is? I think some folks like to think there's still much time left as for example one of the speakers here said " there are still 2 or 3 billion people who don't know Jesus", or that this can make people put off or not see the urgency, but I will venture to say it's probably popular among the "Christians" who make a living selling "Christian" books and materials which over decades constantly end up often obsolete, but it's a gravy train they wish not to let go of; and these have forgotten that Jesus declared to His Disciples/Apostles "you have been given freely, therefore you must give freely". Do you not agree? Before any reading this by chance assume you need to denounce the Traditional Catholic Church irrelavent, remember Jesus didn't think so when He said "tare down this 2nd Temple and in 3 days He will rebuild it". He, Jesus, the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) was not allowed to be slaughtered by a Herodian Priest of the day, but by the 3rd temple He had built, granted to a people who were once not considered God's people but were now God's people; the Roman soldier became as far as God was concerned Holy enough to prepare and slaughter the Lamb – He rose in 3 days, and of course the epistle to the Romans reveals the entire house of Caesar converted to the faith providing all their wealth for the expansion of the Gospel worldwide freely, with no Pope pictures on the money. The great apostacy took place when Luther inspired a generation to write their own Bible facilitating adultery, but a religion also requiring lots of money since they no longer had access to the Mother Church, so they in their minds needed to rape and pillage lands, fornicate spiritually as it were with all the merchants of the globe basking in luxury, and plastering their faces all over the coat tails of the beast (coins/cash) – truly the love of money is the root of all evil; including false teachings, and disobedience to God's headship arrangement for the Church.

  6. Rb715
    Rb715 says:

    Dr. Brown is a charismatic and supports that movement that unfortunately does not have sound theology. I would take his words with a grain of salt. I find it interesting also, that he said Jesus called for unity and we are so divided..hmm…that sounds to me like ecumenism… I disagree with him..on the contrary, true followers will be hated for His name in the end

  7. Soli Deo Gloria
    Soli Deo Gloria says:

    I'm ready to go home. I've shared the gospel and still sharing as the Lord leads me. I am a preschool teacher in the Philippines and I also think that once the enemy tries to touch the children, that would be it. Enough is enough just like Sodom and Gomorrah. Anyone, anything touches the children, God will not hesitate to move. Come Lord Jesus Come!

  8. A New Day Productions
    A New Day Productions says:

    I cannot stand this optics driven routine of you've got to say something nice about someone right before you call them out on false teaching. It is such obligatory garbage. Michael Brown is a false teacher if there ever was one and no I do not like him one bit for that very reason. To hell with this phony nicey nice false humility crap just to appear more "loving." Stand on the truth. Say it straight up, say what you mean and mean what you say for once.

  9. Fabbro Family
    Fabbro Family says:

    a local pastor in cremona alberta canada, does NOT believe we are in end days 😳. simply grievous and terribly apostate church of Thyatira.
    these global tragedies are very heartbreaking. and pastors who cannot "find" the endtimes are deluded.


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