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In today’s episode, our chef Ben and our two normals, Barry and Jamie are pushing the Instant Pot to its limits by trying out five delicious recipes that’ll test a …
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  1. Ray Tillman
    Ray Tillman says:

    Wrong information about basmati rice, DONT soak it, wash it until the water runs clear, EQUAL amount of water, so 1 cup of rice + 1 cup of water, a drizzle of olive oil in the water(optional) but helps the grains stay separate, Pot in pot works well and less work cleaning up. Five minutes on high for basmati which is a quick cook rice. In my opinion Washing the rice and equal water and rice is the secret, extra tip! let the PC depressurize naturally. Easy peasy! The real advantage with the Instant Pot(and other electric pressure cookers) is the safety aspect. A normal stovetop PC you should NEVER leave alone, An Instant Pot You can just bung everything in, turn it on, and go shopping, and it will run through the program, and when it's finished it just keeps everything warm for when you return. Just don't do that with rice as it will overcook!

  2. Raymond Schneider
    Raymond Schneider says:

    In the U.S., the Duo model has a Yogurt function. With only TWO (2) ingredients, you can have delicious Greek-style yogurt. To the IP, add 52 oz (US) of Ultra Filtered Milk (e.g., Fairlife brand, by Coca Cola) and 2 Tablespoons of prepared yogurt (w/ live cultures), select the Yogurt function for 8 hours (yes, EIGHT HOURS), then, NR and put in the fridge for 8 hrs (YUP, ya' got that right), then spoon into air-tight containers and keep in fridge. FanDAMNtastic!!
    Y'all Be Safe!

  3. FlyBaby
    FlyBaby says:

    A high quality pressure cooker can reach higher pressures and cook quicker. This gizmo sells convenience to people who don't WANT to cook and just want it done. There is not any task that cant be done better using other traditional methods. Searing meat in a deep vessel does not brown well.

  4. Erdnussbuttertoast
    Erdnussbuttertoast says:

    i've seen a lot of big family youtubers cook using instant pots because they can easily make meals for 6-12 people in it. I think it stands out for large families, but if you're only 1 or 2 people, you'd have to make really big batches at a time (and freeze etc) to make it work

  5. Meli Moo
    Meli Moo says:

    you didn't cook the rice the correct way…I've never used the official cook book method and my rice always comes out perfect every time in 12 minutes + resting time. Also you can do pot-in-pot, which means you can cook a meal and add a pot on top to cook your rice.

  6. Robert Wade
    Robert Wade says:

    We have a slightly different version that has white and brown rice settings works a treat. Also love the ability to slow cook for 4 hours then just set to preasure cook packs so much flavour in and meat is so tender it's to die for.

  7. Saint of the Honest
    Saint of the Honest says:

    I wonder if Ben doesn't realise that a Sussex Pond is supposed to come out and immediately fall apart, looking like a mess? XD It's meant to be eaten by many people as well (look at all the butter and sugar after all). Also, don't try to eat the lemon.

  8. David Mclennan
    David Mclennan says:

    A little bit of early prep work and a lot of things become 'mid-week' meals… Come home… "wack" in the ingredients and let it go while I do other stuff. My "go-to" things are a THICK cabbage soup/stew or split pea… that way I've got extra for lunches etc. Love mine.

  9. Amir Faiz Ullah
    Amir Faiz Ullah says:

    We cook rice almost every other day. It comes out fairly fluffy, definitely not as a lump. My wife and I do not soak the rice and we typically cook higher quantity with a 1:1 water to rice ratio. As a matter of fact, we even make biriyani 😇

  10. Jake X
    Jake X says:

    I do a one pot roast and veggies in mine once a week. Bit of liquid(stock, cider, water) /fat (butter, oil), use the sautee for the veggies, throw your piece of meat in on top of the sauteed veggies and liquid after giving it a good sear in the pan to get color.
    Adjust your cook time based on your protein.
    Pro-tip: add a bbq sauce or any condiment to infuse it into the whole pot of food.

  11. Justin Montana
    Justin Montana says:

    I normally use Jasmine Rice in an instant pot, so take this advice with a grain of salt, but I've found that using just a little bit less water (like, just barely a quarter cup less water, it's very minute) can be the difference between proper rice and a half-assed congee.

  12. Alexander Ray
    Alexander Ray says:

    Never understood why people try to cook white rice in a pressure cooker, it only takes like 20 minutes of simmering at most anyway, which is about how long the instant pot takes to get to pressure in the first place


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