A Bit of Low-Effort Batch Cooking, Plus Not-Lasagne

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I’m not feeling great – just a common cold – but I felt like doing a bit of batch cooking – to make a vegetarian pasta sauce, but one …

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  1. Oliver G
    Oliver G says:

    My Italian family does make a baked pasta dish with short pasta called penne al forno. It's similar to what you made with layers of tomato sauce, penne, and bechamel. In our version we cook the pasta first. I've never tried adding layers of veg but that seems like it would be a great addition!
    I hope you feel better soon!! It sounded like talking was really uncomfortable.

  2. Stef Shea
    Stef Shea says:

    Looks yum! When making vegan/ vegetarian recipes with mushrooms there is a technique I use to give them a bit more bite. Slice/cut/dice however, marinate or toss through oil, soy sauce and marmite (and other sauces or stocks as desired) cook in a large fry pan weighed down with a heavy bottom pot. This pushes the water out and caramelises the mushrooms. I recommend the addition of mushroom seasoning for more umami flavour.

  3. Nephilim Slayer
    Nephilim Slayer says:

    Gidday Atomic Shrimp.
    I love your recipe, very nice indeed.
    I must admit I am impressed.
    My maternal grandmother passed down the recipe for white sauce with nutmeg to my generation. It goes really well with salty meals like corned beef. As an Aussie, so few people know about this delicious combination.
    I still use nutmeg in my bechamel sauce recipe to this day.
    I am very proud that British people still remember this addition. I have British heritage.
    I also LOVE Yorkshire pudding, but, once again, few people today actually remember it.

  4. Cyanide_Pie
    Cyanide_Pie says:

    Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your content.

    I've been watching since mid Secondary school all the way to now 23 about to move out out.

    All your videos from cooking, outdoor education and various self made challenges have provided all sorts of little lessons I notice I use in day to day life. I really appreciate it

    I didn't have a father figure growing up and these videos just give that warmth and homely feeling while always having something to learn. Really gives me old scouting vibes!

    Appreciate the work you do and look forward to future videos! (I'd love to see those day army ration pack / home made ration pack for a big day out walk videos make a come back!)

  5. GnawT Satyr
    GnawT Satyr says:

    The interesting thing to me about this video is how modern cameras can actually pick and let you see real steam coming off of food. I remember learning a long time ago that the fast food commercials in the 70s or 80s would use smoke (from even something like a lit cigarette) sitting behind the burger to simulate steam because those analog film cameras couldn't see steam. I'm sure you raspy voice isn't from excessive smoke inhalation but I thought it was worth mentioning because of your high quality of video and also content. Cheers mate.

  6. Colon Plums
    Colon Plums says:

    Hi Mr Shrimp. A little tip for peeling garlic… I always find it a bit fiddly. Place the cloves in a jar with the lid on and shake for 30 seconds. The shell will just fall away. Saves your hands smelling of garlic for hours afterwards too.

  7. Mark68
    Mark68 says:

    I like putting a mix of nutmeg and Mace in my cheese sauce and it rocks…. Just be careful of the mace though a small pinch goes a long way too much and it ruins the whole thing lol.

  8. Good  life living
    Good life living says:

    Great video and really tasty cheap meals. What about 1 month batch cool challenge where in 1 day you make all meals. Tell us what. How. How many serving..how long it took and how much as think batch cooking can help reduce grocery bills especially if similar ingredients you can buy in bulk.

  9. Luke Murray
    Luke Murray says:

    As a vegan I take my hat off to you for this recipe! ….needs chilli though! If you've got a cold I'm talking Ghost Pepper Carolina Reaper levels of Capsaicin 🌶 !!! It cures a colds!!!

  10. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I’m thinking this NOT low effort. That’s a lot of chopping!!! Especially when you don’t feel good. It looked really amazing tho and it will be very handy to have the extra in the freezer. Feel better soon! ❤️


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