8 Cereals You Should Absolutely Never Eat

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Watch the video to see which 8 cereals you should absolutely never eat. #Cereals #Never #Eat Honey Nut Cheerios | 0:00 Kellogg’s Special K | 1:06 Nature’s …

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  1. tomg cooktown
    tomg cooktown says:

    So, the solution is to eat the 'healthy' cereals listed near the end…But add nuts & fruits & then add some 'bad for you' cereal to the mix so you can stand the taste. Mmmmm. Or, eat what you like & die early. Let me chew on it… TgT

  2. Joyce Boone
    Joyce Boone says:

    Funny I don't see fruity pebbles, coca pebbles cocoa crispy frosted flakes or cookie crisp, on this list, but you have honey nut Cheerios special K and raisin Bran on here,that lower cholesterol and has fiber. Smh


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