7 Straight Days of Dollar Tree Hauls, #7 with craft to follow

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This video is about 7 Straight Days of Dollar Tree Hauls, #7 with craft to follow 7 straight days of Dollar Tree hauls! #7 with craft to …

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  1. DJ Z
    DJ Z says:

    The pink home sign hmmmm. Maybe for a dorm room for someone who loves pink! I don’t craft but I’d take off that leaf and substitute something scholarly😂

  2. Bridgett Brennan
    Bridgett Brennan says:

    Hey bestie..
    Um.. i just cant.. lol.. that would look good at a ugly sweater Christmas party as a bad santa gift! 🙈 i dont really like that leaf either but ive seen it in other crafts and its really cute just not for me.
    still watching..

  3. Debbie Mason
    Debbie Mason says:

    A pink Home sign with a palm leaf? Hmmmm. A little girl's play house? Love the cement pumpkins! The beaded pumpkins are cute, but much better as three dimensional! 7 straight days of hauls and stories LOVE it!

  4. pwiles2003
    pwiles2003 says:

    You did a Awesome job 7 days of hauls. I love the hauls to see what you got is my favorite and love foodie fun days. And I love you crafts. You come up with great ideas with the things they give us. Have a good Monday see you soon.

  5. Roamin'Round
    Roamin'Round says:

    7Hi Bestie and Effingham, First I want to say thanks for 7 days of hauls. It has been so entertaining. This haul was all over the place, what a great variety. The only place to put a pepto pink home sign would be in a Barbie Girl Home/Bedroom. I haven't seen the wood bead pumpkins at any of my DT's and I think what you did with it is amazing. Definitely needs something in the center though – an LED candle. skull or pumpkin. Thanks for all your hard work. I hope you are feeling better. TFS Lyn.

  6. Ella Shaffer
    Ella Shaffer says:

    I believe the pink home sign would look beautiful anywhere you put it, AFTER you distress it, paint it, decoupage it with fall leaves, or stick it on your mailbox by the road, the mailman would enjoy it everyday. I enjoyed the seven days of hauls.

  7. Stacy Roberts
    Stacy Roberts says:

    Our accidentally received some milk can type flower vases. They are selling thiem. I went to a Plus store 30 mins away. It was a mess, worse then a gargage sale. Boxes, carts sitting full of items of all sorts. Crazy to even dig through it. A stack of sckull wall deco, just sitting in the Auto department, just stacked. Our town is awesome compared!!!! 😂💜😂

  8. Laurie Holtz
    Laurie Holtz says:

    Don't you wish they would sell monogram items with "and" on it??? The pink home could be if you have a flamingo sanctuary. LOL. Loved seeing you everyday. Appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  9. Dawn Rowland
    Dawn Rowland says:

    I call do -over !! Grooundhog day !!! lol I kjnow 7 days wasn['t easy… you werent feeling well, it was so early in the morning etc… but it was awesome….OMG let Scarlette review that hair thingy… it would be hysterical !!!💞💞💞💞💞


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