7 Must Try Ramen Recipes!

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Wengie tries 7 viral MUST TRY Ramen recipes! These are fun ways to up your ramen and cooking game. I promise you will love …

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  1. Wengie
    Wengie says:

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  2. Hoot Hoot!
    Hoot Hoot! says:

    My favorite song has to be bitter, it’s just so original in its own special way. It really helped me through a tough time in my life. In general I really love the WRAYA songs a lot. I also love your old songs, but your new ones are just as amazing if not more. ❤

  3. MilkyWay Girl
    MilkyWay Girl says:

    Wengie someone is pretending to be you in the comment section replying people saying to contact at some number for advices . I think I should let you know. They replied on my comment Idk if they did on someone else's but still


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