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  1. Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Just as a tip for the future. I use two boxes of macaroni and cheese but if you see when you added your tees the more you stir the more the macaroni breaks up because it is waterlogged. I do mine with the old microwave directions which aren't on Kraft anymore. I use 1 and 3/4 cups water for each box of macaroni so you didn't need 6 cups of water it just destroyed the pasta. Like I said just an FYI for future reference and for folks who drop by here. 🙂

  2. ronda smith
    ronda smith says:

    Oh no Rick I got my 6qt instant pot pressure for Christmas and I tried 6 time to get it to get high enough to hold pressure and I tried so much my macaroni got done in my casserole but never got pressure and I did it manually each time for 7 minutes and it never even got the food to boiling even on high. What do you think I hope they replace my pot

  3. Carri Moser
    Carri Moser says:

    I find you tend to use the Instant Pot quite often, it may be a little more user friendly than the 8qt Cosori. I just about threw that one out my window. The menu on the front was pretty much useless. I pressed Steam Veg’s and nothing happened. Come to find out the buttons were only for looks. UPS picked it up today so now I’m in search for a more user friendly pressure cooker.

  4. Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw says:

    I know you're going to get sick of me and you don't have to answer everything but with those mac and cheese boxes one and three quarters cups of water will cook the macaroni and leave almost no water.

  5. Beans Deneka
    Beans Deneka says:

    Can you make more pasta recipes in the instant pot? Without draining the pasta water. I have followed other Instant Pot pasta recipes using jarred sauce and pasta. Not quite successful. Hoping you might have better luck and I can follow your recipe.
    Keep the delicious videos coming.

  6. Monolith Tyriss
    Monolith Tyriss says:

    Pretty nice. If you want a nice no-drain method of doing the same thing.. take the pasta in the box, and measure it with a measuring cup. Just pour pasta into the cup, then into the cooker. Just to tell you how many cups that box has (they're not always the same). Then, add just enough water to equal that. Only put more water in if that isn't enough to cover the pasta completely. And JUST cover the pasta.

    Then proceed like you did. You should get pasta and meatballs that are cooked.. but the pasta will have absorbed enough of the water that you won't have to drain the pasta out! Also, it's a good idea to put the butter and milk in before the powdered cheese mix, as well as doing the powder in stages like you did. Avoids some clumping so you get a smoother sauce.

  7. Nancy Jeffers
    Nancy Jeffers says:

    Hey Rick, real men eat steamed broccoli with that meal!!!! HAHA! Something my grandkids would like, but with smoked sausage. Only thing I might have done different is used about 2 cups water or chicken broth and would have to drain….
    Hey, where is the onions and the bacon? LOL!

  8. 2000konnie
    2000konnie says:

    Good quick meal.  By the way, when you pressure cook pasta, you only need to put in enough water (liquid) that the pasta will absorb plus.   That will also give you the liquid to make the steam for cooking.    So the trick is to guess how much it is. There may be some charts for that.

  9. David Alexander
    David Alexander says:

    So your mother thought you were hungry? No, I think she knows you're always hungry. After all, she's your mother and moms know best. You gave me a great idea for dinner tonight. It just so happens that I have a bag of egg noodles and frozen meatballs and shredded cheese in the fridge. Now I'll watch the blooper video. Thanks Rick!

  10. lidsman22
    lidsman22 says:

    I never would have thought about putting mac and cheese in with meatballs. I will have to give that a try. I still eat the Kraft in a box mac and cheese infact I just bought a bunch because they were 10 for 10 at the story. I will give this a try.

  11. Through my lens of life
    Through my lens of life says:

    another awesome quick meal Rick. I'm making it right now but with chicken breast. I'm watching HSN right now and this guy made a bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich, you were the first person that came to mind. You should try that!!!


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