6 Easy Strategies for Dining Out WFPB | SOS & Gluten-FREE


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Hi guys! So many people ask me how the heck I eat out while maintaining a healthy diet. Steakhouses can be particularly challenging due to the heavy use of …
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  1. Jessica Anastasio
    Jessica Anastasio says:

    thanks for the videos! is it hard to have your partner / baby eating steak if you work as a plant-based nutritionist? sometimes it can cause friction between my family members and I so wonder how you cope with that

  2. Any Bulldog
    Any Bulldog says:

    I was curious how you handled restaurants. Awesome tips for eating healthy at a restaurant with heavier foods weather you eat plant based or not. I am curious how you handle parties or social situations where it would be awkward if you were the only one not eating, but they didn't have anything to accommodate your dietary needs.

  3. David Dudley
    David Dudley says:

    I would highly discourage anyone from eating out at Asian restaurants. Their food is just loaded with MSG and when you ask about it they are simply just not honest about it. Best to stay away.


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