6 Cheeses You Should Never Put In Your Body

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  1. The Shark
    The Shark says:

    Doesn’t “American” processed cheese have more sodium than cheddar per ounce? How about not putting THAT in your body? Isn’t “natural” cheddar better than the processed American?

  2. Willett Mary
    Willett Mary says:

    You have stated some untrue BS from reil non-randomized control of all variable. Controlled science studies has also proven what papperòFat in food has been proven not to add fat from any

  3. Mr. Keller
    Mr. Keller says:

    It's three o'clock in the morning. You're standing, barefoot, in front of the fridge.
    Not to get caught, you open the bag of shredded cheese as stealthily as you can.
    The moment the bag is open, you gluttonously devour the entirety of it. The bag is gone before you know it.
    Empowered by the Baltic God of Milk, you feel the shredded cheese course through your veins. You grow stronger.

  4. Rosie Balberde
    Rosie Balberde says:

    Your behind on your fat information plus the FDA info is not up-to-date in science or nutrition and ignore studies that don't agree with their outcome and/or leave out public information.

  5. Eric
    Eric says:

    Well a great cheese is not for everyone. Maybe you’re a lactose intolerant and need to eat dairy free cheeses. Wich it’s not bad. It’s like everything. Can eat All with moderation. As a daily consumer understand the risks associated with excess. And also each one need to be used and handled different also where dishes to use and combine them

  6. Lien Bijs
    Lien Bijs says:

    This bacteria on Limburger cheese and what some people have between their toes, is Brevibacterium linens. It is not only on Limburger but also on many other cheeses from several countries. I already know since ages that it is attracking flies because if you eat it on a warm day outside then the flies are bothering you around your face but last year I faced something disgusting: I am Dutch so I buy my cheese always on the market. I bought some delicious French smelly cheeses. I came home and took some crackers and I took the new bought French cheese to put it on the crackers. There were tiny yellowish worms crawling in the French cheese and I discovered it after I took some bites already. I never felt so disgisted before, I was vomitting and didn't dare to eat it for a long time and decided from that time on to only eat it in winter and only buy it in an indoor store.
    By the way, I buy every week at least 1,5 kg cheese for our family of 4. I eat it a lot and just every day. My yearly bloodcheck is always very good. Also good levels of cholesterol and other blood fat. Cheese is also very good for your teeth to neutralize acids in your food and I believe the bacteria in cheese is chasing away bad mouth bacteria as well. My 31 years old daughter has zero cavity.

  7. M P
    M P says:

    Are some people still avoiding fat and counting cholesterol foods like in the 80s? because a lot of time has passed by and the world moved on and away from this fake science.


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