6 Can Crock Pot Chicken Vegetable Soup


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This 6 Can Crock Pot Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe is super easy to make and so yummy! The vegetables and chicken come together to give you a hearty …
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  1. Kim Honeycutt
    Kim Honeycutt says:

    Hello from Lexington, North Carolina!❤ This looks yummy!! I love soup any time of the year. I prefer mine without yellow jackers🐝😂 You're puppy was VERY thirsty🐶🌊🥰 Hey Mikey!!! So GOODe to see you! I love you guys and the Crock Posse ❤👍🔔

  2. Rhonda Simpson
    Rhonda Simpson says:

    Love the recipe! We “dry” camp (no electrical hookups) so I will use my pressure cooker with a generator. What would you recommend on cooking time??? And Aunt Lou, you look great, love the color, what is your diet secret???

  3. lps chick
    lps chick says:

    Aunt Lu there is no way you are eating these types of meals & loosing all that weight. What’s your secret? You look amazing!!! Not that you didn’t before but we’ve all been on the weight loss wagon before & know how hard it is.

  4. Little House Happy Home
    Little House Happy Home says:

    That soup looked good. With times being what they are and with the direction we are heading… canned foods are a good thing to have on hand. I know, I know they are high in sodium…. But I’m afraid there will come a time when we won’t be able to worry about such things. Thanks for this video! Have a blessed day.


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