6 Air Fryer Potato Recipes | Easy & Crispy!

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This is what I made out of 15 pounds of precooked potatoes. Mashed Potato Toasties, Smash Hash Browns, Potato Croutons, …

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  1. Susan Kelland
    Susan Kelland says:

    Well this is only the second video I have watched of yours and they are quite addictive. I found you looking on YouTube for information about the potato diet. I had just ordered an airfryer and hope to lose some weight. One question for you if you're not too busy: I like a glass of wine in the evening, will I have to give that up on the potato diet? I feel really bad cos no one else has asked that question!!!! Keep up the excellent work.

  2. ashley.ann
    ashley.ann says:

    Noticing your potato ideas are higher in cal density, cuz they are super crispy, not ideal for MWL but some really great ideas for sure, I’ll just have to cook things less time

  3. Unpretty to Plant Based
    Unpretty to Plant Based says:

    Why do some people think that they will simply gain weight eating potatoes instead of lose weight? I am starting my WFPB adventure today. I also want to do a potato reset first yet I fear that I will fall into the “gain weight” category or that my cholesterol or triglycerides numbers will go through the roof with so many potatoes. What are your thoughts?

  4. Blessed Entity
    Blessed Entity says:

    Hi, how many calories and carbohydrates more or less you consume in one day eating potatoes? Do you still limit or measure your meals? The dishes you prepare looks delicious and I think if i'll do this diet I might gain instead of losing weight😊 I love potatoes and if it can really help lose weight, I might give it a try…thanks

  5. Dani Johnson
    Dani Johnson says:

    I am considering doing this potatoes diet. Potatoes are like my favorite food besides bread. I think I could really do this as long as there's nothing to complicated to make a meal.

  6. Cindy Dee
    Cindy Dee says:

    I made some of these crimped oven baked baked wedges today and just LOVED them! We sized down to a small city apartment so had to give away my air fryer but my oven worked really well 🙂

  7. Kefir Heals
    Kefir Heals says:

    Loved your "CRUNCH" variety of spuds. YUM! They all looked delectable. I have your book, Potato Reset, but seeing someone demonstrate the different variations of these puppies really helps. Sometimes you need to see this kind of stuff to get back on track. Great video. Thanks so much for sharing. I have the Breville Air Fryer, but I'm really liking your air fryer. Went up and priced it. I might be putting my Breville in storage for a while and get myself the smaller one like yours. Best to you and yours.

  8. TAG
    TAG says:

    Hi there! Your videos are awesome and all those potatoes look yummo! I’m looking at losing 10 kgs and have a super slow metabolism I think. Will the potato diet help me lose weight? If so could I do that with the recipes here with the sauces etc? Was that your goal to lose weight? I did download the reset booklet. Thank you for that! Oh and also your doggies are adorable 🙂

  9. Diane Tilley
    Diane Tilley says:

    Bought your book last month and love it. What a beautiful book with a ton of info. Pictures for every recipe is a must for a great recipe book and this book has that. Tasty recipes too.


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