5 Ways to SAVE MONEY When EATING OUT | Debt Free 2020

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Enjoy eating out and spending less when you do. Saving more money doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a nice meal, with these tips! ** NEW Instant Pot …

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  1. Flo Lum
    Flo Lum says:

    We love dining out but if we’re trying to go debt free, we can’t go all the time and when we do, we have to order smarter. How do you save a few dollars when dining out?

  2. y setiawa
    y setiawa says:

    Definitely yes, water. I don't care if I get "you're cheap" look. Things just get ridiculously expensive these days. No salary raise. We just have to cut spending wherever we can.

  3. Colleen Beamer
    Colleen Beamer says:

    All good advice. My friend and I go to the U.S. shopping a couple of times a year. This is because there are things that you can get there that you can't get here. If you know your prices, you can get some pretty good deals on certain things even with the exchange rate. We have a couple of favourite restaurants that we go to while there and you're right, portion sizes seem to be bigger over there – usually, I end up having to ask for a "doggy bag". Where I live, Harvey's offers coupons every once in a while so, my friend and I will go out to lunch and take advantage. There are also options where you can get "2 can dine for" specials – Swiss Chalet has these every once in a while. We have a favourite Chinese takeout place that we go to called "Le Chinois". They have a lunch special where you can pick 3 items plus you get cheese rangoons and they give good size protions so, when I spend the $9. for the lunch special, I get lunch and then, end up taking some home for another meal. It's not a habit of mine to go to really high end resataurants – about as exotic as I get is going to "East Side Marios" every once in a while or maybe "Turtle Jacks" on my birthday. Still eating out is maybe a once a month event.👍😊

  4. James Turner
    James Turner says:

    Hey Flo and Dude, hmm you up there are lucky for the time being. Down in my area of the USA. It is getting harder to find a sit-down restaurant. Many have remodeled the seating area. And installed multi kitchens. This only allows for takeout or delivery. So multiple restaurants take up one building to cut costs of operation. So enjoy going out as long as you can. "Dark Kitchens". Is the term.

  5. Sophie Bakall
    Sophie Bakall says:

    Ethnic food all the way!! It's so much more interesting than a burger.. And your teeth will thank you for not having soda.. We are water or tea drinkers as well.. Family Style is so underrated. We turn every meal into a Family Style meal whether it was intended to be that way or not bec you get a more interesting meal..

  6. Warren Beers
    Warren Beers says:

    Love this video…great line Dude…"finding the right wife"….well said, and you did very well…very happy for you both and your family…I've never been big on eating out…and as I'm about to retire, I doubt that will change…Thanks for the video…All the best!

  7. GrrMeister
    GrrMeister says:

    There are some great deals out there, EG with "Compare the Market" (UK) you get an option of ½ Price Meal Deals and ditto on Cinema admissions on Tuesday and Wednesdays – beware of prices of drinks at restaurants make up the break even/small loss by huge markups on the price of a Glass of Wine or Pint and overpriced Starters and Deserts, Coffee Etc.

  8. OsakaRose
    OsakaRose says:

    "My greatest investment of saving money and eating great at home is finding the right wife." ROFL! Dude, you are so cracking me up today! At least Flo knows she is appreciated. 🙂

  9. Noah Count
    Noah Count says:

    Great advice from Flo and Dude! And I agree with Dude that looking at the photos of menu items at fine dining establishments like McDonald's, Wendy's, Arby's, etc., can stimulate one's appetite and lead to the depletion of one's dining-out budget. Being a budget-conscious diner, I get a large measure of satisfaction from choosing a Wendy's 4 for 4 special (four menu items for four dollars plus tax) as my lunch. ;^) See my satisfied smile.

  10. Lauren Kelly
    Lauren Kelly says:

    Happy Belated Bday Dude! This video is so great – your tips are hugely helpful. Drinks in a restaurant will kill you! You were right, Dude: your best investment was your wife for sure! I love everything in this video except I’ve never understood how people could not have room for dessert!

  11. Deb Wong
    Deb Wong says:

    Growing up in the 70’s the only time we went out to eat was for a birthday celebration. There was six of us in the family so we dine out eat six times a year.
    Nowadays, my husband and boys, we go out multiple times per week or get take out because I’m “too tired to cook” or I “didn’t prepare” or I didn’t “ defrost anything”. I am so thankful for your IP simple recipes and I plan to use it more this year.
    Long story short , I should have married a chef !

  12. Joelle Spice
    Joelle Spice says:

    Thank you for all the good tips. As seniors we enjoy the discounts and do lunch on Monday at a terrific all-you-can eat chinese buffet chain « Mandarin ». I like going there because it’s wheelchair accessible. The restaurant in Brampton is beautiful as are the grounds, winter or summer. Of course you have to control how much you eat. I still prefer foods cooked at home. We have a sous-vide, instant pot. Once in a while I like something different like Asian flavours but I find the Preparation too fiddly.

  13. L Foo
    L Foo says:

    My husband and I save up throughout the year to buy restaurant gift cards during the holiday season when they offer deals such as “Buy $50, Get $10 Bonus”. Thanks for the great tips, Dude and Flo!

  14. Myrna Ortiz
    Myrna Ortiz says:

    Hi Flo, Dude and family. My friend told me to download Groupon app for savings on different things and Crave app to find restaurants in your area where they give discounts on food, (not sure if you can do in Canada don't hurt to check it out)drinks or give something free. We got to help each other out. Thank you for sharing your information and I have to tell you my friends and I do that share food or dessert but never drinks LOL

  15. Vienna Brewer
    Vienna Brewer says:

    Do you find people don’t do family style while eating out because of what others will think? I noticed some restaurants now charge extra for a clean plate. You’re right about America and their portion sizes being so large you can’t experience the whole menu, but I find they look at you like you’re stingy for sharing. Then they look sad if you can’t take the leftovers home and there’s a bit of discouragement for you being wasteful. 😂. Maybe Canadians are better at making up their minds about what is socially acceptable?

  16. GeminieCricket
    GeminieCricket says:

    I am 67 and I remember in the 50’s my mother made breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week 365 days a year. There were hardly any restaurants in early Orange County, California. Grocery stores and the milk man and farmers market and Helms bakery truck (my mother baked her bread at home,though, YUM!) and the Ice Cream truck were available. Stay at home mom’s have an advantage today to budget and save a great amount of money if they cook at home. Eating out is an extravagance. PS my husband and I eat out all the time now! Retired and saved and paid off the mortgage! Time to have fun! Love your tips ! Still can not stop utilizing tips in saving money! Thank you!


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