5 Soup Recipes That You Will Make OVER AND OVER again!! | Family FAVORITES! | Cook Clean And Repeat

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5 Soup Recipes That will make OVER AND OVER! | Our Family FAVORITES! | Cook Clean And Repeat Enchilada Chicken Soup …

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  1. Seraph
    Seraph says:

    I love these soup recipes but i am super lactose intolerant and i can at best manage with just butter lol But Im looking forward to being able to cook this for others!

  2. Amy Pletcher
    Amy Pletcher says:

    Quick question for you, with you living in the Carolina's is it still warm there like it is here in Ohio? All your soups look delicious and have been in the mood to start cooking them but my family doesn't approve soup til we get cool 60 or less temperatures here. Lol 😀. Are you cooking them all in the same week?

  3. Jean Hudson
    Jean Hudson says:

    I love soup in fact I been watching Souptember on youtube since the beginning of the month, bunch of channels got together and a new soup video everyday. Some really amazing soups but man these are great soups too

  4. Janice Young
    Janice Young says:

    Girl, Everything Looks Delicious! I’m drooling! The chicken gnocchi looks very delicious, something different than ground beef or sausage! I was waving back at the cute little assistant, even though she couldn’t see me💕💕💕

  5. Cheryl Sewell
    Cheryl Sewell says:

    Jen, we tried your potato soup last week and it was A-MA-ZING!!! My family loved it, it had so much flavor and they couldn't believe there was so much flavor without any meat (ham) in the potato soup. We will definitely be making this again this fall/winter 🥰

  6. Lisa Van Dyke
    Lisa Van Dyke says:

    Hello from British Columbia, Canada!!! 🙂 I just found your channel last week and love it! Lots of yummy recipes!!! 😋 Love your accent! I'll be trying your potato soup in the next week or so! Take care! Have a wonderful week! 😊

  7. lynn kavanagh
    lynn kavanagh says:

    Jen, I can’t wait to try some these soup recipes. I live in Michigan & our temperature is supposed to drop a lot next. I know my husband & daughter will love the cheeseburger soup, so I’m going to start off with than one. Plus I’ve already got most of the ingredients! Yay! Thanks for all of the great recipes.

  8. Misha Lea
    Misha Lea says:

    I've got to try the cheeseburger and gnocchi soup..the copycat one I made for my family last time, my daughter said it wasn't the same, so I'll try this one!😁 Happy fall!!🏵️🌻🍂


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