5 People Share Dishes From Their Loved Ones Who Have Since Passed Away

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A sincerely special thank you to Hannah, Dalitza, Noeris, Carla, and Alaina for sharing your memories and recipes with us. You all …

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  1. swisski
    swisski says:

    Before she passed, my dad wanted to learn how to make my mum’s Oepfelwaehe or Swiss apple tarte. He made it so often that it is now as good or dare I say it, better than hers! We just had it again last night for dessert, and each time we quietly celebrate our Mueti.

  2. Keo meow
    Keo meow says:

    Every Christmas I make my Grandma's "sweet & sour" meatballs. The sauce is very far from Asian style sweet and sour, it's the North American classic grape jelly and BBQ sauce. The recipe is 1 jar of Welch's concord grape jelly, 1 bottle of montreal steak spice bbq sauce, 1 can of Coca-Cola, and as much Frank's red-hot as you want, usually half (1/2) or a full (1) cup. Throw that in a slow cooker with some meatballs, very thick onion slices, and whole garlic cloves. Every time I make it it's like she's right there with me 🙂

  3. Shweta S
    Shweta S says:

    I love how in India, when we cook something as offering to god / passed away people … there is no meat , egg or onion and garlic in it .
    No violence just warm comfort heathy food 😊❤

  4. Chromeo
    Chromeo says:

    I make "turkey bone soup". It's just a good ole homestyle soup but the flavour from using the leftover bones from a roasted turkey gives it a whole new depth of flavour.
    I can remember my Grandma serving this to us in enamel mugs when we ventured into the country to cut a christmas tree. Anytime I eat it (or even smell it) I get a flood of feel-good memories

  5. Csenge
    Csenge says:

    Pepper stuffed with a mixture of rice and minced meat cooked in tomato sauce. Is the meal my grandma used to cook, now I make it to keep her memory alive. I miss her dearly

  6. Shannon Weiss
    Shannon Weiss says:

    Every Christmas Eve my family would eat Tourtière pie. The recipe has been handed down for generations and even just the smell makes me think of home and my mom and my grandma. It’s made with ground pork, beef and veal. It’s spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg among other things. So delicious

  7. MrsClaus OC
    MrsClaus OC says:

    Clam dip. Clam chowder
    Paternal grandma.family wld dig for clams in huntington beach, ca when I was a child. We always had clam dip at thanksgiving or christmas. Chowder was a family effort each fall
    Kids go in the surf and dig for big clams. Back at Grandparents, we'd open clams, run thru meat grinder (hand crank) and grandma made chowder with lots of pepper and cream ♡

  8. Lisa ChronicPainGroup
    Lisa ChronicPainGroup says:

    My dear Dad, who passed away almost 5 years ago, loved fried spam. It's now my "guilty pleasure" and I've made several dishes with spam. Musibi is my favourite. His mother always made chocolate peanut clusters at Christmas time and I make them every year in her honour. A bite of either one, takes me back in time to them

  9. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    My grandfather passed away this week and seeing the bistec encebollado brought back memories of my grandfather and grandmother in Puerto Rico asking me to go to the garden to grab cilantro and culantro so they can cook. Telling me their secrets to not cry as much when you’re cutting onions.

    Memories I didn’t know I missed.

  10. Isaiah Dooley
    Isaiah Dooley says:

    This is honestly a really fitting and touching video. My mom passed away today a year ago. I miss her a lot and I like to make a version of cabbage soup which she made often while I was growing up.

  11. BMO isgood
    BMO isgood says:

    My nana used to make peppers and eggs. Poblano peppers and eggs. Every time I miss her I make it and if I close my eyes I can put myself back in the kitchen she made it in. It’s incredible how much the senses play a part of memory recall. ❤

  12. Aisha .H
    Aisha .H says:

    Food and fragrances are always associated with people, which make them stick and give these random and regular things a sentimental value, something special to hold dearly forever. That's one way I stay connected with the memory i have for my dear mother and sister.

  13. F C
    F C says:

    Passatelli, my grandmother made it and I've never seen them sold anywhere. You could eat them in a soup (with lemon and pepper) or a bit drier like pasta. Neither my parents or I ever bothered recreating it, because it's never as good. She made fresh pasta almost every single day as well

  14. Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 says:

    Tiramisu reminds me of my grandad. He was an Irish man who hadn't travelled much, so my dad decided to take him to Italy for a 2 week road trip and he discovered tiramisu and it became his favourite food in the world. So I used to always make it for him every time we had a family celebration and every time I make it I think of him and how he would have loved to have a piece.

  15. Anoriell reacts
    Anoriell reacts says:

    Swedish meatballs using my mum recipe I mean it's nothing really special about it from other swedish meatballs, but it's the way you should char the meatballs on high temp and since I didn't eat potatoes when I was young her white sauce which is a fake roux thing with white pepper that I pour over pasta and had to the meatballs when I was kid. Now when I make it I always think of my mum that passed away in 2020

  16. Ana Swift
    Ana Swift says:

    My Gram and Grandad, my Gram would make this amazing Christmas cake every year, and everyone loved it, even people who said they hated fruitcake, most years I would help her make it sitting a their dining table (their wedding gift from my great grandfather) that now sits in my dining room, it reminds me of my grandfather because he usually had a cup of tea and a cookie in his hand, except around Christmas when the cookie was replaced by Gram’s Christmas cake.

  17. AwPhooey2U
    AwPhooey2U says:

    Gumbo. A very special type of duck and okra gumbo. Someone close to my family, my dad's friend. He was almost like an uncle, would make it.

    I haven't perfected that recipe to get the same taste but it reminds me of happier times.

  18. syccRi
    syccRi says:

    A traditional potato chip with sweet and salty flavor. Idk what the name is but it's common in Indonesia, i remember my grandpa who passed away at 2016 loved to buy those:)

  19. Luna and Stella
    Luna and Stella says:

    My grandma used to make these amazing vegetable soups. With whatever she had in the freezer and it came from their own garden. She still inspires me to make soups and its such a great way to have some extra veggies and fibre – and oh so comforting and warm. It always reminds me of the summers we spent at my grandparents house, helping and playing in their garden and having this amazing fresh food.

  20. Mara Tuda
    Mara Tuda says:

    Never expected to see funche in one of your videos!! 🥺 I get her too. My grandma hasn't passed but I moved out of my country and I miss her food, including her funche

  21. Luubelaar
    Luubelaar says:

    I make the "family recipe" shortbread from my Scottish side, and remember the times when Granny and I would make it together.
    I also make cakes that my Nanna loved to make. Sadly she took her recipe for scones to the grave with her. It was one of those "by eye" recipes that wasn't written down anywhere.


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