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I LOVE making Clam Chowder in the Instant Pot because it literally takes only 5 minutes to make and about 5 minutes to cook! If you are looking for a simple …
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  1. Paula A. Lewis
    Paula A. Lewis says:

    I just got through making this,
    it turned out wonderful.
    I substituted the cream of mushroom soup for cream of potato soup.
    I'm from New England, there are NO mushrooms in New England Clam Chowder!

  2. Cheri Newman
    Cheri Newman says:

    This is my first time watching your videos love it and I tried your Mac and cheese in the instant pot love it so did my son it was super easy I have your book healthy eats I am super excited to start using it will it help with weight loss ,do you have videos on these recipes that you share do you have a favorite one and do you have advice for picky eaters I have a special needs son and he is over weight will this book help him what is your new cookbook that is coming out or is it out thanks again hope to here from you soon

  3. Debra Hooper
    Debra Hooper says:

    I saw this video last week and I just love all kinds of chowder so when I saw this, I bought the ingredients and I made this clam chowder tonight! It’s delicious and I’m about to have seconds! Thanks for the recipe. I’ve been using a lot of your ip recipes since discovering your channel last year and have been in love with my instant pot since then! Thanks so much!

  4. blueworldwoman
    blueworldwoman says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! This is my first try at making any chowder. My husband, who wasn’t feeling so well today, kissed the cook (me) in the kitchen! The best reaction ever to my cooking! He loves it so much – and now he loves me even more 😉!

  5. Teresa H
    Teresa H says:

    I made this recipe today. It was so delicious! I had to show restraint to not go for seconds. LoL
    I added corn to the recipe. That’s the only change I made. It was sooooo good!!!
    TYFS all your recipes! 💕

  6. ginniesoh
    ginniesoh says:

    Tried this today. Love it. I did the Disneyland clam chowder a couple months ago too. I think they are both great. But this one is so quick and easy. A keeper !

  7. Mimi Batman
    Mimi Batman says:

    I LOVE everything you do! If you want to do things that are not instapot, I will still watch. Everything I've ever made of yours I've loved. Just made your Honey Lime Chili Chicken enchiladas last night (one of our favorites). Thanks so much for helping me look good!

  8. Roger Tebow
    Roger Tebow says:

    Can’t wait to try this.
    What kind of cutting board is that? I love how it stays stiff while your holding it with one hand, then it folds so you can just pour the veggies in.

  9. Paul Jameson
    Paul Jameson says:

    I got a duo this week. I cooked some simple chicken thighs and veg. kirsten, can you please do a pot n pot q&a session do I add extra water on me second pot?

    Cooking meals for 2x people and the freezing the other unused 4 servings
    How to reheat leftovers or portioned out meals
    Can you use glass jars instead of po n pot pots?
    Now your doing shorts, when's the hair nets etc coming?

    Have you thought about putting the tips and tricks info as a recipee

  10. James Lovasz III
    James Lovasz III says:

    First off your smile is amazing!! Secondly I love the braids! Lastly I’ll be making this tomorrow it’s been in the 20’s in southwest Pennsylvania last few days so this will be perfect!!


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