5 Minute 🍵Split Pea Soup🍵 EPIC INSTANT POT RECIPES

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The best split pea soup there is! Super fast, healthy and easy split pea soup recipe for your instant pot. Add ham or ham hocks, you can also add potatoes.
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  1. Lloyd Wagoner
    Lloyd Wagoner says:

    Do more instant pot recipes with the freeze dried ingredients like the meats you just did. And Do some instant pot regular recipes, then freeze dry them tell us how well they do reconstituted.

  2. Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis says:

    Great idea quick and healthy meal. I'm going to put this one in the recipe list as Easy Peasy. I know my sons got to love this one especially when it's his day to cook supper. Hello me taking this to college with him like like I'll be buying another instance pot. 👍👍


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