5 HOUR Costco Shop With Me! Big Savings!!

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Yes, I was at Costco for 5 hours. Shop with me as I check out prices, investigate the deals, and check out what is new. There were …

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  1. Susi Teninty
    Susi Teninty says:

    I love you!! 🎉you're so fun, so eager to share helpful things, real and down to earth.
    And your vast knowledge of what you do! 😊❤ I'm looking forward to meeting you one day! Love your family too!

  2. Anasstaz
    Anasstaz says:

    About trial mix. Yes, you will save a couple of bucks by buying one large bag of trial mix. But then you will divide this mix into smaller packages on which you also previously spent money. Add to the cost of one large Trial mix the cost of small packets and you will get approximately the same cost as for ready-made packets of the mix. But you will also spend time distributing it into packages, and then of course it is more profitable to buy ready-made small bags.

  3. Michelle L
    Michelle L says:

    You can freeze the Passionfruit just as they are. Just cut them in half either frozen or defrosted to get the yummy Inner. If it’s Mustard Greens it will smell a bit spicy like mustard powder. In a stir fry with lots of other vegies it would be lovely.

  4. KZ
    KZ says:

    I think you did the paper towels twice? 14 minutes 36 seconds and 19 minutes 10 seconds so I think the total maybe off? Not to be a nit picker

    Have a great day


    I know you are trying to show people the price difference between Sam's Club and Costco but not everyone has a Costco. Where I live a Costco is about a 2 1/2 hour drive one way versus the local Sam's club at 45 minutes away.I guess what is getting on my nerves is the way you say it, it just comes off a bit smart mouthed.

    So not a fan of you

  6. Jamie Clements
    Jamie Clements says:

    I just did a 1200.00 Costco haul. It will last for months though. We live almost an hour and half from Costco so when we go we go big. 😂 I still found it satisfying to watch you grocery shop there. I do have a question. Do you get a lot of looks while filming and talking in the stores? 😂

  7. Sarah Wright
    Sarah Wright says:

    You're killing me girl! I go to Costco once a month. 100 miles away. Love to shop there and could go crazy in a big hurry. All the grands and greatgrands love the Baby Bell cheese so will stock up since it's on sale.

  8. Ivy 6
    Ivy 6 says:

    Unfortunately, we don't have a Costco near us because you got some great deals. I have always sniffed the potatoes and onions before buying them. I'm glad to know someone else does it too! 😄 Have a great week! God bless you!


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