5 Habits of Super Frugal People who Are Never Poor

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I show you the five frugal habits of the super frugal. Frugal Queen in France Like the menu board & Budget Book? We have now …

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  1. Suneeta Mishra
    Suneeta Mishra says:

    Frugal people:
    1. Save first and live off what is left.
    2. Plan financially both short term & long term.
    3. Don't waste anything.
    4. Are different and embrace/enjoy it.
    5. Have a growth/abundance mindset.

  2. Susan Peters
    Susan Peters says:

    I have loved your videos but this one in particular. What a positive force you are, Jane, and so inspirational. It’s those that see the joy in simple pleasures and as you point out at the end, in continual learning and being creative that really experience the journey of life.

  3. Hari G
    Hari G says:

    Excellent video with excellent advice. We live frugally and really don’t care about FOMO, “keeping up with the Joneses”, etc. We’ve had friends who have the latest of everything but over time we’ve seen them struggle financially, lose their homes, expensive cars, etc. It’s very easy to be drawn into that lifestyle if you’re not careful.

  4. Rose Hinton
    Rose Hinton says:

    I am a super frugal person according to Jane. My car is 17 yrs old . I have nearly paid mortgage off. Planned to retire next year when mortgage paid but left work earlier than planned. Its ok i have saved half my wages for a good few years now and although ill never be wealthy i can live well enough until my state pension becomes payable in 2024.
    I was petrified when i handed my notice in at first but i now enjoy living on 25% of former income.

  5. Debbie Frampton
    Debbie Frampton says:

    I live in the states I buy only markdown meat at my grocery store and other markdown food items for a fraction of the regular cost. Like most other frugal people I haven't bought any new clothing for many years I shop thrift stores and garage sales the same with a lot of household items

  6. Barbara Bruce
    Barbara Bruce says:

    I have always lived by the saying " if you take care of the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves".
    It really works. If you don't waste your loose change on unnecessary things, it turns into dollars for the things you do need.

  7. linda krelle
    linda krelle says:

    Hi Jane
    It was so nice to find others of the same mindset.
    I live in rural spain living way below basic income.
    It canbe a struggle but i use a whiteboard monthly planner for outgoings. I also have a rolling yearly planner for everything so i have an overview planner
    Then i add or renove items on my phone shopping list and i only go about 10 daily and combine itwith another trip out from the house
    I keep chickens who i cook potato peelings for and give them and bits of veg or bread and 5hey give ne loads of eggs, sometimes when ihavesurplus friends have eggs and i mightget abox of tea or something homemade.
    These little gifts back and forth are Part of rural living and fun.
    Saving isnt something i am great at but i always reuse and redistribute items with friends.
    My unusual way of saving for a holiday is paying into a points timeshare a little ahead to give me time away in nice well equiped appartment for at keast a week and take a friend too. It makes me focus hard to maje the payments, otherwise rhe money would disappear and no change of scenery. I recently bought a wardrobe after 5 years and de ided to reduce cists by building it myself and getting a friend to collect it with me. I gave him fuel and a bit extra. It saved me ocer 100euros. It was more challenging than i thought uta week later i finished it. I also took 12 month installment payment which cost me 30euros ut nakes itmore manageable .
    So dont be afraid to ask for any offers or checkout prices do your research and maje friends with your neighbours.
    I took my wheelbarrow and collected mulched up olive leaves fron the field to put in my yard where my donkey Suzy had made it muddy so that was true recycling everyone happy.

  8. Y Villarreal
    Y Villarreal says:

    You are absolutely awesome … from rural small town Texas US. You are absolutely correct and bring it to light in such delight that encourage and enlighten listeners. Thank you for your joyfully, basic, and easy to see and believe it can be done. Keep sharing you no nonsense blessings.

  9. N P
    N P says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. Planning is key.
    1.A budget really helps to know where one stands financially. 2.Keeping track is important, writing down expenses or in an excel spreadsheet for month to month comparison and see where one could save.
    3.Saving on heat, electricity and water bills. Drying clothes in the sun. Use of Solar panels to charge small gadgets. Saving rain water for plants.
    4. Growing some herbs & veggies in summer for use in winter months, helps.
    5.Also having a eat-out small budget each month to treat a friend or neighbour.
    6. Learning a new skill helps for home projects or gifts for family and friends on their birthdays and festivals.
    7. Presence of mind to make use of coupons and sales. Don't hesitate to ask for manager's discount on high priced items or bulk orders. Collect points for gas and food whichever you need more.
    I call frugal living a 'wise and prudent living'.

  10. Cynically Yours
    Cynically Yours says:

    I remember when I worked for a bank and had to wear a uniform, I would purchase second hand uniforms from those who were leaving or have left the bank. It would save an absolute fortune, rather than paying top dollar for designer uniforms as most of the banks here in Australia had fashion designers design and make uniforms.
    Another tip, when T shirts or sheets or towels get worn out, I use them for cleaning and painting rags. 2 years ago I bought a bag of T shirts from a charity store for $5, that equated to be about 40c per top, I am still wearing them and using them to this day.

  11. Pamela Tough
    Pamela Tough says:

    Thankyou for your video .. very helpful. As a pensioner I live a very simple, uncluttered life. Always well fed, warm and clean. I live in a small house with a large garden, and enjoy that coffee out at least once a month, even if I go alone. One important principle I live by is: give some, save some, spend some. I find the more I give the more I seem to have. I look forward to hearing more from you about frugal living.

  12. Kathy Kujawa
    Kathy Kujawa says:

    You are so inspiring. Wish I could have come to this decades ago. Otherwise its years and years NEVER EVER getting enough– because you keep searching for more things to make you happy-–instead of realizing those things dont really matter long term. But hey I forgive myself and now i move forward with a new mindset. less is truly more. and now i have so much more peace inside instead of piles of bills. thanks

  13. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    My grandfather never wasted anything. Bent nails were always straighten and used! Rusted items were kept and restored using vinegar! Lastly hard rubbish put out was someone’s junk and his treasure and restored and sold! 💰

  14. bex438
    bex438 says:

    I love listening to your common sense advice Jane, we all need to hear it to remind us just how lucky and privileged a lot of us are. I was cleaning out my fridge while I was watching and was really annoyed and cringing a little as you were talking about not wasting things that a couple of items had to be thrown away due to my lack of fridge organisation- I really don't like wasting food/money and hearing you strengthened my resolve not to let it happen again so thanks for the reminder 👍😊

  15. acajudi100
    acajudi100 says:

    I take care of myself, but I do help non-beggars help themselves.

    I called 1-800 Got junk for my Swedish Death cleansing, and moved to Queretaro, Mexico at 79. USA got too dangerous and expensive.

    The want to steal our money saying they are helping everyone but us. Do not beg Americans. DEMAND our money before helping anyone else! Who will help us? Only God.

    USA must be our concern. Americans are owed $2,000.00 per month, since January 2020. PAY US with our money!

    Advice to young people:

    Please get vasectomies and tubes tied, so you will stop using murder as birth control. Stop killing people pumping gas, sitting in cars, riding down the street,walking, in school, for you will reap what you have sown. People will fight back, for you are cowards to kill unarmed people , and you are in a group. I am happy when the rabbit has the ak15 or AK47. Keep coming into our homes, and you will get dirt naps! We must protect ourselves. Go for gas in groups, and please be ready o defend against any attackers, no matter the age. Old enough to attack, than old enough to die.

  16. Sussan Mahdavi
    Sussan Mahdavi says:

    It's not about the money we make or have , it's all about MANAGING it properly. I know people who earn a lot of money but they are always broke and I also know people with a moderate or low income but living and feeling RICH by GOOD MANAGEMENT of their money and a good MINDSET or in another word by living a FRUGAL life style.
    Being raised in a low income family I've learned from my parents to work hard and not living beyond my means , no competing , no jealousy and having gratitude brings me peace and happiness in to my life..

  17. Helen Kennedy
    Helen Kennedy says:

    I save on electric by unplugging what is not used, aside from fridge, stove. My mom would water down the last of the soap to make it last, something I still do today, as well as rolling up toothpaste bottle to the end. Also cooking from scratch is a huge saver and fun to do. I work a lot and still find time to make bread and soup stocks. My car is ten years old and in great shape, my dad taught me to keep up with regular maintenance and it will last forever. It's so nice to hear others who feel so content to be frugal. It goes back to my great grandparents and has trickled down Great content, thank you.

  18. Christina Gibbs
    Christina Gibbs says:

    You have a black twin. We think so much alike. Our kitchens are so similar. Almost identical. I can do things so fancy in my place here in California because They just practically give nice things away on sales. I used to live in Europe. I appreciate the deals here. I sometimes get paid to shop I am really good at shopping for basics. I am disabled so living on little but I am living so rich

  19. Christine Wheeler
    Christine Wheeler says:

    My grandmother use to put $2 a week at her a local clothing store's Christmas account. Every week you put in $2 you were entered into a raffle to win $25. Even if you didn't win, you had funds set aside to shop at Christmas.

  20. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Awesome video thanks Jane. Particularly like your explanation of growth mindset, I don't often think of it as the opposite being a fixed mindset. Sometimes I get very tired of hearing about growth and just want the world to slow down a bit before I get flung off the merry-go-round, but I am absolutely not of a fixed mindset so perhaps my growth is just fairly slow and steady t the moment and not leaps and bounds!


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