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  1. Kip Paseo
    Kip Paseo says:

    Another great way to make your homemade marinara sauce top is by adding a packet of McCormick spaghetti seasoning. FYI McCormick make many of the store brand seasoning packets as well so if that's cheaper get that. It really make a good sauce taste a lot better

  2. Dana Dilley
    Dana Dilley says:

    Hey Julia, great ideas! Thanks so much for the video. I make "red soup" 🍲 which has canned tomato 🍅 sauce, fresh garlic, green onions, crispy bacon crumbles and macaroni noodles. It's a wonderful soup for colder weather. 😋😊

  3. Tiffany Simmons
    Tiffany Simmons says:

    I know you mentioned that you are married, how many people do you think these recipes will feed? I really enjoy your videos they are very easy to follow and you have such a kind voice. Thank you!!

  4. Amy Roden
    Amy Roden says:

    These are great! Thank you:) keep making these videos. I must add that these are super creative and my son is 16 months! So I am looking for creativity and toddler friendly foods! Thanks you

  5. Elaine Wammack
    Elaine Wammack says:

    As long as you're putting out these frugal menu videos, you might want to mention to people to keep their vegetable scraps in a baggie or container in their freezer and once or twice a month make themselves some vegetable broth. I also do the same with meat bones and meat scraps when I trim the fat or skin off or nerve areas. I will save them to boil down to make soup stock. Just a suggestion.


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