5 *DELICIOUS* BEAN recipes! Cooking with BEANS!

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Beans really bulk up a meal and they are just so versatile. Here are 5 excellent and EASY bean recipes for you to try! 0:00 Hey …

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  1. Lisa Mounts
    Lisa Mounts says:

    We love tomato sandwichs here in SE Texas, I was raised liking my bread toasted. Also, ya can't have to much cilantro 😊 I do cheat making my rancho beans with the canned pintos 😊

    For your rice you can also toast the rice in the pan with a little olive oil. This will cook off the loose starch. It gives it an incredible rich and nutty flavor and less time to cook cause the rice is already hot when you add the water 😊

  2. mirthfulllaugh
    mirthfulllaugh says:

    I LOVE Grcie Lou and agree with the comment. Cheese shall be saved for when she wakes up. Such a sweet kitty!
    Oh I also like your video and wonder if Steven ever doesn't like what you cooke. Have a great wk end

  3. Carol R Miller
    Carol R Miller says:

    Mandy I saw your garden out back and those tomatoes are really beautiful do you ever think of make a fried green tomatoes very very good… Another thing with your tomato plants if you pull some of those leaves off they're shading the tomatoes so when it gets really summertime I would pinch some of those leaves off and let the sun get to the tomatoes and that way they ripen and they won't be rotting on the vine when they do ripen so good luck with honey that's a beautiful garden

  4. Carol R Miller
    Carol R Miller says:

    Mandy if you would mention in your comments when you're cooking with canned vegetables anyone an assault-free diet or any type of diet will you allowed no salt or little bit of salt please mention that they can drain and rinse all the juices that the come in the cans of vegetables no matter what they are be a baked beans green beans lima beans pork and beans all that stuff put your own sauce on when you're cooking because there's a bunch of salt even with the no salt canned goods there is still a little bit of salt in there just a suggestion if you mention that in your recipes I think that would help a lot of people thank you so much for taking the time to read this Love your cooking show and especially when your husband is on with you he is a real hoot ☦️🙏

  5. Nicole Moceri
    Nicole Moceri says:

    Yummy 😋 loved the Enchilada soup recipe and your videos! You and your husband are so cute! You were right the cilantro made it taste so good! I added cheese and corn chips to jazz it up 🎉

  6. Michelle T
    Michelle T says:

    I heard this is the place to come to vote for cheese for a cat? Is this the place? I hope so. I vote YES for cheese for the cat. I heard she is such a good girl so give her the cheese for every vid. It’s the least you can do as Grace’s humans. Thank you very much.

  7. Sara Bailey
    Sara Bailey says:

    I really enjoy your videos. On your Facebook story you showed your herb garden planted in a container I fell in love with. Where did you get it? I live outside of Nashville and am hoping I can find one like it. Thanks!

  8. Kathy Bullock
    Kathy Bullock says:

    I Honestly don't know which one of these recipes I want to try first. They all look Delicious as always. Y'all make me laugh so hard. If I'm having a trying day I just watch you and Steven and I 'm good! Gracie Lou and her cheese is the Best. Thanks for always sharing great food and your awesome fun family. ♥️♥️♥️

  9. Pamela Crowell
    Pamela Crowell says:

    I make a version of Caviar, but can't eat peppers so I put tomatoes and celery in. I also make a version of the baked beans and I use my crockpot. Makes it easy to keep warm at a potluck dinner.

  10. Keitek
    Keitek says:

    Canned beans are always confusing to me. I'll have one group of people slap me silly if I rinse the beans and then there's another group that'll tell me it's ok to rinse the beans. I don't know which is correct, so I just try to avoid canned beans.

  11. Tonya Hice
    Tonya Hice says:

    I used to hate cilantro bc I have that gene that makes it taste like soap, but within the past year or so I'd go super-easy & gradually worked my way toward actually liking it. I don't wanna go crazy with it, but I can now order my fave tacos as they come (but with extra well-done onions).


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