$424 Monthly Costco Stock-up Haul


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  1. Ellen Bryant
    Ellen Bryant says:

    Hi, I'm a subscriber to your channel. Levi and Renee are Adorable!!! Is it possible Levi could out grow his being allergic to eggs? Love your video's. Hope to see some more Instant Pot and Air Fryer videos!!!

  2. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    🥰Levi and Renae are so cute. Hilarious how excited he got over everything. 🤣
    Glad he got some egg free items to enjoy. 🙃
    Some food items I don't buy anymore because I refuse to pay the high price.
    Food has gone up everywhere. 😏

  3. Davenjah Tisan
    Davenjah Tisan says:

    Several years ago I saw a recipe for brownies where you took a brownie mix and add a cup of yogurt, which replaced the ingredients you would normally use. I always used plain which added a nice tang, but you could always use vanilla. As long as the brownie mix itself doesn't contain eggs, it should be safe.

  4. Tanya Vav
    Tanya Vav says:

    Hi Nili! Nice Costco grocery haul. I always need parchment paper. There is baker on You Tube and online called Sugar Spun Run that makes eggless chocolate chip cookies. Instead of eggs, she uses heavy cream. Lookk her up. I made her eggless chocolate chip cookies and it was good. Believe ne. Stay safe!

  5. Lynn B
    Lynn B says:

    Hi Nili, I’m considering a new instant pot. When you say “Duo Gourmet, that’s the good one”, can you tell me what you like about it?
    I currently have one of the older 6 qt models. Thank you 🙂


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